It's A Crime That Metal Gear Solid 4 Remains Exclusive To The PS3

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is incredible. It’s subversive, ambitious, epic, absurd, and was once the planned culmination of Hideo Kojima’s vision for the legendary franchise. Gamers now have the hindsight of knowing he would return to the well several more times, but back then it felt like the story of Solid Snake was coming to a definitive end.

To this day, it remains trapped on the PS3. It is one of the best looking and most technically accomplished games of its generation, which makes the abandonment of its legacy a bitter pill to swallow in 2022. Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and Peace Walker are available on additional platforms nowadays, but the original and 4 are stuck in a strange limbo where older hardware or emulation is required to play them at all.

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Flawlessmic155d ago

Really hoping the news konami has coming of a beloved franchise is mgs,

Would love a boxset of 1-5!

northpaws155d ago

While I miss MGS, I don't want Konami to earn a dime more after what they did to Kojima.

neutralgamer1992154d ago

Man let it go

Kojima became famous
He was VP of Konami
MGS5 took too long and budget with engine was really high

Konami wants to do the least amount of spending and most amount of profits

maelstromb154d ago

What exactly did Konami do to Kojima?? I'm honestly not trolling with this comment. I legitimately am asking. I know the catch phrase/hashtag #F***konami is popular and has been cemented based on the severance of Konami and Kojima, and Konami's blatant unwillingness to produce anything of value for its long-time fans of its most popular franchises (Castlevania, MGS, Silent Hill, etc.), but does anyone truly know the specifics of what happened? All I've heard is speculation, opinions, and grandstanding, but nothing that suggests the "true" story.

ziggyzinfirion154d ago

@maelstromb, Didn't Konami at one point prevented Kojima from attending the Games Award 2015?

Syphos154d ago

@Maelstromb what ziggy said, Konami always disavowed Kojima's reputation like it's something hard to swallow for them so they pulled some moves looking like hoping he'd fail sometime because of it.

What they definitely did do though, was move the deadline for MGS5's development time, TWICE, by 6 months and everyone then bashed Kojima for releasing an unfinished game...

There are plenty of examples to be honest, just dig around if you really want to know..

VersusDMC154d ago

Especialy after Metal Gear survive and the latest Contra.

I see people bitching about what Konami did to Kojima was probably justified...but we definitely see what they did without him.

Konami will green light the trash above but Kojima has to convince them to green light lords of shadow.
Say what you want about lords of shadow but it is way better than the trash released lately.

mgszelda1154d ago

Or any of the other legends as well.

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Orchard155d ago

Agreed, and it’s not even a decent way to play the game with its hideous framerate and near constant drops.

RPCS3 is a decent way to play it at 60fps but is quite involved to setup and get working fully.

Hopefully Konami one day see sense and give us a proper remastered collection (by proper, I mean not like the SH HD collection…)

Nyxus155d ago

Replayed it recently on PS3 and it plays just fine.

Orchard155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Framerate is very inconsistent, drops to 15-20 all over the place too. And that’s with a sub 720p internal res.

PC with a reasonably recent spec can hit 60 consistently - but the real fix would be a gen9 port.

Limitedtimestruggle154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

"Played just fine"

Yeah, people said so with Cyberpunk on base Xbox One and PS4 as well. I mean, this is just plain lying.

The framerate in MGS4 on PS3 IS a big problem, always was. Still is. It varies between 20-60fps, it's all over the place. I had a shit ton of fun with the game though, but I won't deny it's a technical mess on original hardware.

P_Bomb154d ago

I had good experiences playing MGS4 on PS3 and Cyberpunk on PS4 Pro. Maybe I got lucky? Maybe I have more tolerance? Maybe both? But good was good.

MadLad155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

You're getting disagrees, as always, but the game really does drop all over the place.

Emulation legitimately runs it better on decent PCs, and the PS3 is hard to emulate for considering the CPU they chose.

generic-user-name155d ago

He's getting disagrees for his gross exaggeration.

"it’s not even a decent way to play the game"

A ridiculous statement to anyone who has played the game like it was intended.

MadLad155d ago


So does it drop all the time, or not?
Because I've also played it on original hardware.

Hofstaderman155d ago

This game was designed from the ground up to run on the PS3. I’ve played through it 9 times, most recently 4 months ago. I don’t ever recall having experienced frame drops. Wouldn’t mind it ported to ps4 or ps5.

Shane Kim155d ago

It actually ran really well. The odd part was the installing between acts, but I guess that was made because of improving frames and what not.

HardKnockKid24155d ago

@ generic-user-name, me thinks you are grossly exaggerating someone grossly exaggerating. How is "it’s not even a decent way to play the game", not an apt description for someone saying they are getting 15-20 fps out of a game? What is a decent/acceptable frame rate to you?

generic-user-name155d ago


I've played it over 10 times and there are only a few instances where the drops were noticeable to me.


You think if it was running in 15fps that that would not have been the dominant talking point about that game when it launched? That every user review wouldn't constantly bring that up? Every review would have been talking about how unplayable it is. So yeah, gross exaggeration, like I said.

1Victor154d ago

@ mad here’s digital foundry video.
Does the frame drop yes like ALL THE GAMES OF THAT TIME AND SOME NOW
Is it noticeable no as most of the time it happens on heavy action moments

Gwiz154d ago

It's not really a game that runs bad on the PS3 the exclusive titles have the most of the optimization to begin with.

Limitedtimestruggle154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Sony Defence Force are running their downvote squads overtime lol.

I cant take people seriously if they think "this is fine". The framerate is incredibly unstable, that's a plain fact.

I remember the TGS trailer though, smooth stable 60fps. It looked too good to be true, and it was.

HardKnockKid24154d ago

@ generic-user-name, your experience is not everyone else’s. Could’ve been his specific console, who knows, the point is it was HIS experience. If HIS experience is that he was getting those frames, how is that not an appropriate description. Have you never had something happen to you that hasn’t happened to anyone else before?

generic-user-name154d ago


"Could’ve been his specific console, who knows"

Wow, even more reason to disregard his opinion in that case.

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Father__Merrin155d ago

Ran pretty good and was one of the best looking games during its time. It is a very old game now and would make an excellent remake

jznrpg155d ago

That’s total BS it ran great I still have my ps3 and my copy of it .

TheExecutioner155d ago

I doubt you even tried it on ps3

1Victor154d ago

@ orchard Agreed, and it’s not even a decent way to play the game with its hideous framerate and near constant drops.

Sure like halo and all other old games had a steady 30fps hell even now we got games that can’t keep a steady frame rate drop 🤦🏿 😩 you and your hate agendas.
If I remember correctly Sony put the developers money into it and that’s why it still exclusive to PS3 and without Sony approval it won’t show up anywhere else so if you want to play the definitely end of the Solid Snake saga you have to buy a PS3 and the game both of witch are cheaper now you can get the game for $20 and the system depending if you look for it locally or online you can get it for less than $200. 🤷🏿

shinoff2183153d ago

I played it on ps3 without issue back in the day. Hopefully they do box up a set though for ps5or ps4 though for sure.

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ChiefofLoliPolice155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

I still have a original copy of it from when I first bought the MGS4 bundle 80gb. I swear man to this day this game still holds up very well even at 30fps.

badz149155d ago

if trolls are this persistent on every single games exclusive to a certain console or platform they don't own, why aren't more of these people bringing the same fight to Nintendo? you know, the one with the most game locked on their consoles and handhelds?

CosmicTurtle155d ago

But we cannot even play it directly on PS4 it PS5. The assets most likely still exist and it would not be hard to update to higher res or frame rates. Wanting more people to be able to play it is not an attack on Sony. It would be great if Nintendo ported more games too. I think people have made that point before. Game preservation is a big issue well beyond these companies.

Sgt_Slaughter154d ago

Nintendo has moved their games forwards quite a lot. NES games were available in Animal Crossing on the GameCube, they had NES/SNES/N64 and GameCube backwards compatibility on Wii, all of those worked on Wii U as well as GBA and DS games, and now NES/SNES/N64 are on Switch.

GBC had GB support, GBA had both as well, DS had GBA, 3DS had DS and GBA, etc.

Einhander1971155d ago

Obviously some bitterness among us on here, just get a ps3 and enjoy This game and many more!!

SurgicalMenace155d ago

The bitterness is real and easily remedied by purchasing the console that it's available for.

brewin155d ago

This is why I worked m ass off most of my life. So I could buy all the consoles I wanted. I remember the school yard fights over Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis. I was always like eff that, Im gonna be rich and buy them all while you peons argue over which one is better. Now I just buy them all and play the best that each has to offer. Problem solved.

Father__Merrin155d ago

They are extremely bitter this is proof enough that over the years they haven't had good games and and now relying on console ports

Knushwood Butt155d ago

I wonder how it would be if added to PS+ Premium.

SonyStyled154d ago

Probably the same as it was when it was on PSNow

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