Kojima looks back on Metal Gear Solid on its 24th anniversary

Kojima looks back at Metal Gear Solid on the game's 24th anniversary in Japan, talking about its features and the process of its creation.

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Nyxus86d ago

"I can honestly say that I am happy that even after 24 years, people are still talking about it."

Sign of a true classic!

jjb198185d ago

This game, Majoras Mask and LoZ OoT are the only games that I've played through completely more than four times. Classic games for sure.

Number1TailzFan85d ago

They need to make another Zelda like OoT. Hopefully the rumours about remasters/remakes of MGS games are true too.

Orchard85d ago

One of the best games ever made. Hopefully we get a proper remake some day.

CobraKai85d ago

I agree. Some time ago, I saw a fan remake the opening using Unreal Engine (I think) and it gave me goosebumps.

Nyxus85d ago

Yeah, the same guy also made one for the MGS3 ladder sequence: https://www.metalgearinform...

And he's working on remaking MGS2's intro as well.

CobraKai85d ago

Geeze. Now I want all 4 MGS games remade properly. Not like Twin Snakes

MADGameR85d ago

MGS next gen PS5 remake coming soon.

Nyxus85d ago

I still have my doubts about those rumors.

Gardenia85d ago

Still the best MGS game for me. The focus of games today is too much on graphics and size. Back then creativity, story and characters was something you had to have in a game to make it successful. It was also not so much about money as it is these days.

Limitedtimestruggle85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Experiencing this game back then when it goodness! It's right up there along GoldenEye,Ocarina of Time, Half Life 1/2 and Homeworld. All of them real eye-opening experiences! Metal Gear Solid is a game I keep returning to, it's just that great!

The Twin Snakes remake on the Gamecube falls extremely short of this true gem of a classic, an honest try, but it does not do the original justice imho.

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The story is too old to be commented.