Does the Steam Deck Really Destroy the Nintendo Switch

Hyperbole: people using words that are dramatic to make a point. But sometimes, certain things can be so one-sided that there’s a clear winner. Does the Steam Deck actually destroy the Nintendo Switch, though?

Video compares several key areas: voice chat; ergonomics; and the library.

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GoodGuy09149d ago

No and yes.

No because Nintendo has it's exclusives which are very popular and still sell tons.

Yes in terms of hardware.

CaptainHenry916149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I like the fact you can play the whole steam library and Microsoft gamepass and download emulators on the steam deck. It doesn't take a genius to install emulators or maybe it does 🤔

Cosmoplayer84148d ago

The casual gamer gaming on nintendo so it's not the same target with steam deck

Brazz149d ago

But you can play 90% of all switch games on deck, and play better with higher resolution, frame rate and even mods!! Deck's is better, if you know how to make stuff work.

XbladeTeddy149d ago

Yes you can play Switch games on it but that's piracy and not something to be shouting about.

jwillj2k4149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

This doesn’t help their pockets or public perception since piracy isn’t the path most paying customers take. Im in the realm of buying a new device, I’m not gonna jump through hoops to pirate games when I can just buy the hardware those games are made for.

1Victor149d ago

Exactly 👍👍

XxINFERNUSxX149d ago

I have the OLED and I agree, performance is just crap now, Xeno 2 to many FPS drops. I think when Nintendo launches their next system I'll buy a more powerful handheld like the next steam deck or something better and just emulate. Nintendo needs to stop down playing tech. just tired of it.

RaveTears148d ago

@XbladeTeddy Not really just because you can play Nintendo games on Steam Deck, it doesn't mean that piracy. Anyone can buy an official Nintendo game copy and get the rom from it. I owned a copy of Metroid Dread and Zelda: BOTW so I am playing these two games on my Steam Deck with their roms.

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SPEAKxTHExTRUTH149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Why does one need to destroy the other? Both can coexist just fine. I own both and while I definitely use my deck more than my Switch I don’t see the deck as a replacement for Switch owners. Everybody is not tech savvy enough to install a Switch emulator and roms. When I first got my deck I thought I’d never use my Switch again but I still find myself pulling out my Switch to play some Metroid

EvertonFC149d ago

Can the steam deck play animal crossing, Pokémon, mario, mario kart, splatoon etc (basically NIntendo 1st party) ? If not then NO as that's why Nintendo kids and fans buy Nintendo consoles/handheld.

TheTony316149d ago

Technically it can via emulation.

EvertonFC149d ago

Cheers although that's not exactly plug and play which I'm guessing most Nintendo parents wouldn't want for the kids ?

Espangerish149d ago

Huge fan of the deck here but no it will not destroy the switch in mass market appeal. The idea that it would is just silly.

In the eyes of hardcore or pc gamers then yeah sure it will possibly be a more appealing machine.

rataranian149d ago

Technically it does. It can literally emulate the Switch, and any other console out there. Its a handheld pc.

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