60 BEST Adventure Games Of All Time

The Adventure games genre is insanely massive and creative, so here is the in-depth list of its Best and greatest titles to play in 2022.

SinisterMister536d ago

Is Elden Ring an adventure game? If so, it should be at the top of the list.

532d ago

Fallout London Shows Massive World, Characters, Weapons, Factions, and More Ahead of Release

The release of Fallout London, a massive mod for Fallout 4, is just a couple of months away, and today plenty of its content was revealed.

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The 7 Best Selling Switch Games of All Time

The Nintendo Switch has been an undeniable success for Nintendo, but which games make the best selling chart for the console?

GotGame8187d ago

Animal crossing came out the week the entire world shutdown. Yeah I bought it.

kevco337d ago

Agreed. I think a lot of the AC: H sales have to do with early lockdown players!

I mean, I would've played it anyway. But I guess there's a lot of people who got into it because of the hype and their new found free time!

DivineHand1257d ago

Nintendo made out like bandits with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It's the same game that was on the WiiU except they added 2 item boxes like in double dash.

kevco337d ago

It's the Capcom method:

1. Add a new word to the end of the title and features that should've been expected first time around.
2. Charge full price for it.
3. Profit.

gold_drake6d ago

this is why i always say that Nintendo will always be fine. look at those numbers lol

and those are all first party games.


Take a look at this Fallout 2 Remake in Fallout 4's Creation Engine

A team of modders is currently working on a Fallout 2 Remake in Fallout 4's Creation Engine, and here is a gameplay trailer for it.

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-Foxtrot17d ago

It's funny, I can't believe they've never officially done a remake of the first two Fallout games in the style of the Bethesda ones.

BrainSyphoned17d ago

Bethesda can't do anything of value on their own, why suprised face? If it says Fallout or Elderscrolls and looks interesting it is community made mod 99% of the time or so old half the gaming population wasn't alive to see it originally.