Did The PlayStation 3 Have The Best Software In 2008?

Everyone is asking whether or not 2008 could be considered "the year of the PS3," and while it certainly closed the gap, the system still has a long ways to go from a sales perspective. And while we're 100% certain the console will have the best exclusives in 2009 (do we really have to list those again?), this is a time for reflection. So...did the PS3 have the best software this year? Did the exclusives outstrip that of the competition?

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Chicken Chaser4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

Its all about opinions.. but thats a poor article
and Braid was not the only good XBL tittle in 08

- Ghost of Sparta -4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

MGS4 and LBP are dominating everything. These two titles have been taking all the GOTY awards since last week. Can't say the same about Gears 2 or Fable 2. Both ended up being glitch-infested atrocities.

Chicken Chaser4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

actually ... Grand Theft Auto 4 is dominating everywhere...does it deserve it huh?

oh you make it sound like Gears 2 and Fable were the only game with problems ..but seem to forget LBP had lots of server problems online and Metal Gear Solid online was broken for quite some time

- Ghost of Sparta -4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

LBP was fixed though. I could still throw grenades through walls in Gears 2 and float around in Fable 2. :)

And you're wrong about GTA IV unless all you wanna do is talk about sales like some Nintendo fan. If we're taking about GOTY awards, MGS4 and LBP dominated 2008.

And Valkyria Chronicles outscored every JRPG on 360 with ease.

Chicken Chaser4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

First ..i highly doubt you played any of those game..and i beated both and didn't encounter my self flying in Fable II

also .. Gears 2 was released after little big planet ..played by more people and has more online modes should take more time to fix than a game like LBP

Still ..didn't answer why Metal Gear online was broken for so long after the Gene expansion. not even Konami knew what was wrong

who games are not perfect

and sadly but true ..GTAIV is taking a lot of awards from big sites

and the atrocious Fable II according to you outscored every exclusive RPG on the PS3 Western and Japanse..with ease

Danja4660d ago

yes the PS3 had the best software in 2008....

but then again this is subjective it's basically comes to the choice of games offered and if they appealed to you as a gamer.

Chicken Chaser4660d ago

"but then again this is subjective it's basically comes to the choice of games offered and if they appealed to you as a gamer"

I agree with that Danja

monkpunk14660d ago

Gears played by more people, yes i agree, but more game types? um no way! this is a game that loads up a created levels not on the disc or stored on the hard drive, in a very short time....

08 was far better for ps3 by the longest mile for the simple reason of MGS4 that game has changed the way i want to play games it was the greatest experience i have ever had playing a game.

SullyDrake4660d ago

MGS4 and LBP deserve all their awards, and Resistance 2 is terribly underrated and underappreciated.

barom4660d ago

People keep forgetting Valkyria Chronicles! Also a few other pretty good exclusives worthy of mention are MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, SOCOM: Confrontation and Disgaea 3.

SL1M DADDY4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

See that? MHO? Because that is what it is all about. Thankfully many reviewers found the same tastes in games as I did this year and gave many of the games I loved awards but in the end, the games I liked were most found on the PS3. Last year it was more of a toss up due to Uncharted and Bioshock so in the end it all comes down to personal preference. I will admit however, you cannot argue that MGS4 is the best graphical representation of any console game and LBP is by far the best platformer made to date. I would say that even if they were 360 exclusives. They are both just excellent games no matter the console.

Maddens Raiders4660d ago

(((Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift)))

~~The Best Off-Road Racing Game of All-Time~~

Beast_Master4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

People also seem to forget MLB the Show was the best MLB game released in 08. Not to mention all of the PSN titles that Sony has published like R&C:Quest for Booty, and Pixel Junk games. Sony put out every type of game this year: Sports, Casual games like Buzz and Singstar, FPS R2, action MGS4, platformers LBP and R&C, third person shooter Socom, Horror Siren: Bloodcurse, Racing GT5: Prologe and MotorStorm 2, Fighting Nauruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, RPG Valkieria Chronicles.

I see the same trend this year: FPS Killzone 2, action/adventure Infamous, GoW3 and Uncharted 2, 3rd person shooter MAG, platformer R&C, Racing GT5, PSN Fat Princess, Fighting Rag doll kung fu, Sports MLB and NBA, Casuals get Eye Pet and Singstar, Thriller Heavy Rain, RPG FFvs.13 and White Knight Chronicles.

I expect them to do a variation of this every year.

boodybandit4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

it is all about opinion.

IMO 08 has been the best year ever that I can remember in gaming.
I purchased and played a ton of games for both consoles but I feel Sony offered more variety in terms of exclusives in 08. So I would say Sony had the better software.

I just hope we can have the same debate this time next year (09).

Doppy4660d ago

It's all about preference and I preferred the PS3 exclusives this year over the 360 ones.

Ju4660d ago

@Beast_Master I agree with you, however, there is still a whole genre missing. Good T rated games which can sell the PS3 into the kids room. Currently there is nothing which can compete against Banjoo Kazooie. The franchises are there. Ratchet & Clank is one of them, and possibly 2009 will see a new title in the series. But I still miss Jak-X, Sly Cooper or a good Crash Bandicoot. The main reason might be, that these studios are busy with other (new) flagship titles (UC, Resistance, Infamous, etc.). But I am looking forward when these guys will come up with their traditional franchises.

cmrbe4660d ago

on what you like but according to meta sites PS3 has better games this year. It dosen't matter much to induvidual gamers with a difference of game taste though for example for me. 2007 PS3 games were better than x360 games in that i honestly liked PS3 games in 07 than x360 games in 07. The reason being is that i love 3rd person action adventure/platformers titles like GOW,Jak,RC,Uncharted and HS alot more than FPS and RPG's. Meta didn't agree with me and that's ok.

People must understand that this is basically a generalisation.

SaiyanFury4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

I wouldn't say it had the "best" software in '08, but did it have software that I loved playing? Hell yes. Did the 360 also have software I loved playing? Again, hell yes. I don't really care which had the better lineup. The PS3 had more games that I wanted this year but there were also games on the 360 that I wanted like Ninja Gaiden II which I love every minute of.

SonyOwnsNextYear4659d ago

LOL........remember when i said there were over 80 million ps2 owners waiting to get a ps3?

LOL........the s#it is getting ready to hit the fan for microsoft supporters.

power of Green 4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

That fucin Pic used in this story is crazy, does the moron that made the pic even know what the fuc is going on in the gaming market? lol

Every end of the year the PS3 hype gets smashed and folks are either in denial making up BS or they are saying "JUST WAIT" PS3 will be triumphant.

The pic is funny to me lol, the 360 is getting PS2-like support in the traditional market from devs, and is killing PS3 in sales and multi platform game quality battles, and this dude has the nerve to paint an fictional reality with that pic used in the story that should be the other way around lol.

zethos564659d ago

too bad most of them bought a Wii

No Way4659d ago

Children, children.. Sigh..

Oh, and -GoS- Don't start mentioning glitches or problems unless you speak about both sides. Sure, you could go float in Fable 2, but, eh, who doesn't? ;) And, you can go throw grenades threw walls in Gears 2.

But, hey, check this, I could go play Little Big Planet, and go ride the Wheel of Death for eternity..

And, also, it says "Did the PlayStation 3 Have the Best Software in 2008?" To me, that sounds like it's referring to as a whole.. Two(2) games don't make help make a console "The Year Of (Insert Console Here)!"

And, to be able to determine if it's "The Year Of (Insert Console Here)!" it's up to the gamer to determine that. Only a gamer can decide which system has the better games. Because only that gamer can decide which games appeal to him the most.

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Obama4660d ago

I would say so. Mgs4 and lbp pretty much demolish all other competitions. I am not talking about the sales, I am talking about the quality.

InMyOpinion4660d ago

And how do you measure a game's quality? Just curious.

Why o why4660d ago

That feeling deep in ur stomach.......the feeling that doesn't judge a game by 'sells' or 'metascore' alone ;)

Rock Bottom4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

360 sold more games, PS3 had better games.

InMyOpinion4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

That feeling called 'blind fanboyism'? =)

Sounds reasonable. Just like Rock Bottoms comment "360 sold more games, PS3 had better games."

Why would people buy good games? Makes no sense...

Rock Bottom4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )


CViper4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

The PS3 had the best 2008 lineup and it covered all games. Sports to Adventure to LBP. The PS3's exclusives all scored higher as well.

The 360 had nothing but terrible JRPG's Too Human and 2 good games at the end of the year exclusive wise.In 2007, Jenzo and everyone else wasn't talking about how much they were looking forward to just BRAID and Gears2 to sustain an entire years worth of gaming.

DaTruth4660d ago

I can't believe you would say that you can't tell whether a game is good except by sales. You seriously wait around for VGChartz to tell you which games to buy(and then get burned by fake numbers). Talk about self-ownership.

If blind fanboyism told anyone which games to buy they'd have to buy them all for that system.

JHUX4659d ago

If I were to say Mgs4 and LBP were better, more quality games, than what the 360 had to offer, then I'm being a blind fanboy? lol. Even though in my honest opinion I truly believe that those gamers were far better than anything offered on the 360 (not saying anything bad about the 360 games, don't get me wrong, they had some good titles), but to me it's no contest.

It's not blind fanboyism if you actually buy (or rent) and play games, and decide on your own what games you enjoyed the most. For me, I don't use metacritic reviews, or sales to justify a purchase, and if I like a game, it's sad some people do. For example, I enjoyed Silent Hill: Homecoming, more than I enjoyed DeadSpace (and I did love Dead Space btw), Reviews, and sales I bet, would disagree with me there.

Halochampian4659d ago

People play more than AAA exclusives. What about multiplats and very good games like Ninja Gaiden 2, Fable 2, and all the games that are still VERY GOOD?

I like how people bring in in sports exclusives. How many people actually love MLB games? I'm just saying that just because it's a good game, means it appeals to everyone.

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Obama4660d ago

Valkyria Chronicles, besides p4, is also the best jrpg in 2008 - exclusive to the ps3.

N4360G4660d ago

Even though some titles on the PS3 didn't sell as well as they should have due to poor advertising,yes,the PS3 did have the best quality software overall this year.

Wii win4660d ago

No, the wii did! SSBB FTMFW!