Sony Australia Looks Back On 2008, Seems Pleased

Kotaku writes:

"We've heard from Nintendo and Microsoft in our look back on the year that was. And they both claimed to be pleased. But how about Sony and the PlayStation 3? Pleased, that's the answer, according to Sony Australia's Rebecca Rice. She also thinks next year looks exciting with the pledge we'll see the streaming TV of PlayTV and streaming music videos of Vidzone launch locally, plus games like Killzone 2, Heavy Rain and flOwer."

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rucky3591d ago

They haven't been really bashing the PS3 anymore since they're being sponsored by Sony now. It's funny how that works.

Danja3591d ago

The power of money makes even the most delusional...act like they have common sense...XD

reaferfore203590d ago

They're being sponsored by Sony? Ironic. They're still tools though.

Johnny Rotten3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Are they really being sponsored by Sony? That's funny it's like taking a spoiled brat to McDonalds to shut em up. lol

Kotaku earned the name douchebag in my books, talk is cheap but money talks I guess.

Shane Kim3590d ago

Still, that guy from Kotaku will give the best lineup of 08 to xbox 360. Just wait for the new Bonus Round on GT.

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Dragunov3590d ago

That shows how professional is the gaming journalism :)

PimpHandHappy3590d ago

looks really really cool

its one of those games you play for 20min and walk away relaxed

cant wait