Streefighter 4 Gameplay Video From Asia Game Show, a Hong Kong portal, were at the recent Asia Game Show in which they show footage of online coop for the upcoming game Resident Evil 5.

The footage is a in a topic entitled "AGS Video Game Clip - StreetFighter 4".

The video is embedded inside their Live Forums there.


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N4Flamers3614d ago

who was playing ken vs akuma, that was boring the ken player sucked. I hope it was a computer on easy,

unicronic3614d ago

You are correct. Ken was AI.

N4Flamers3613d ago

so where was this shot at because I would love to go over there and get some practice before the games release

unicronic3613d ago

It was shot in the Asia Game Show in Hong Kong. I was lucky enough to get a few rounds in on the game and it is essentially SF2 with a new graphical engine. Everything else is pretty much the same albeit some new characters too. I enjoyed the game but did not come away amazed as it is really more of the same. But that will be enough for most including me, the multiplayer aspect will make this game sink or swim.