PS3's graphics will streak ahead of 360's in '09? But does it really matter?

OXCGN Writes:

"The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have been locked in a deadly battle for graphical supremacy since their respective launches. The multi-platform games have been an interesting aspect of the current graphical arms race, with video comparisons online grabbing a lot of attention and comments.

Despite the PS3's much talked about processing power superiority, the 360 versions have managed to hold their own and often have the ability to outshine their PS3 counterparts."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

"Despite the PS3's much talked about processing power superiority, the 360 versions have managed to hold their own and often have the ability to outshine their PS3 counterparts"

Why don't we talk about the exclusives then? Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, MGS4, Uncharted, and Uncharted 2 graphically MASSACRED everything on 360.

leeeeed3800d ago

Because there is no common ground. There's be nothing to compare. You need to stick to apples and apples to be fair across the board.

I fear that the long running use of the Xbox 360 as the dev platform being moved over to the PS3 for some new release games (*rumour* namely for Bioshock2) could see a swing in favour to the PS3 in quality of graphics...

gaminoz3800d ago

@ Ghost of Sparta

Umm...the article I read DID talk about the exclusives in a different light....did you read it?

ultimolu3800d ago

Seriously, read the article.

Aaron Greenterd3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

The Microsoft Xbox 360 uses cutting edge Unreal Technology to bring the latest death simulator to American males 16-34, something that the Sony Playstation 3 has not been able to obtain. And who needs these flashy new and unproven 1st party engines with all their fancy lighting and what not...

As long as impressionable young males can spray blood of their enemies while grunting in each other's ears, there will be no place for the ps3 in this World of America.

lokiroo4203800d ago

sticky date comparing exclusives is apples to apples. comparing a port to its counterpart is retarded. multiplats were optimized for the box and then rushed to the ps3. if you can not look at a game and compare the look of it dont comment on articles like this.

XboxOZ3603800d ago

And you wonder WHY ppl call your type fanbois . . really . . do try and at least 'reading things' before sticking your size 11 foot in your mouth . . . they say it's a new thing (reading, that is), but much easy to master once you've done it a few times . . .

Immortal Kaim3800d ago

Why would you comment without reading the article? It actually states the exact same things you are winging about...

leeeeed3800d ago

Thanks for your insightful comment :)

It's pretty bloody obvious why we can't compare graphics from different games. Each game is stylised differently. Comparing say Gears of War 2 to MGS4 is retarded. They are both stylised differently, are both aiming at a different point in the graphics scale and both stand for different things.

And to say that the PS3 ports look worse than their Xbox 360 counterparts is rediculous. "Rushed to the PS3"? Look at Bioshock, it was MONTHS and MONTHS until it hit the PS3 and your saying that the only reason why it didn't look as good as it did on the Xbox is due to the fact it was released based on a port? Puhlease.

How about YOU not comment on articles of this nature if all you're going to spew up is all manner of fanboyism in defence of your loved platform... :D

Oh, and Merry Christmas. :)

cactuschef3800d ago

The article did a great job of not being biased, and did mention ps3 exclusives and talked about how great they looked.

BrianC62343800d ago

It's funny to see a 360 site talk about this. I doubt most third party developers are really trying to push the PS3 when they make multiplatform games. They just make the game the same on both platforms. Like you said, look at first party games. So far most on both consoles have looked close but the 360 had a one year head start. Starting next year I think we'll see all the big PS3 games that will show the true power.

What will be interesting is what third party developers do then. Will they keep making lazy ports for the PS3 or will they want to make the best game they can? The games that really push the PS3 will sell a lot better.

PimpHandHappy3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

whats even more telling is this


its always
the 360 has held its own and had a few games look better

i can name 4 big games that look better on PS3!
add in the fact i know 2ppl without a hdmi port and it blows doors off! Its not even close

but no

its always how the 360 "holds its own"

it doesnt 'hold its own" when it comes to exclusives and features offered in a PS3

Edit: No i didnt read it. I looked at the web a couple post...WE already know a game worked up for the PS3 will outshine 99% of anything. PPL want to say it doesnt matter because the Wii is kicking such a$$....i find that stupid. Its very simple. The Wii came onto the market at a impulse price!

Immortal Kaim3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Are you bloody serious, you didn't read the damn article did you. It clearly states

"Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is an amazing feat in terms of graphical performance. It is the subtle things that elevated Kojima’s masterpiece above the 360’s offerings. From the dust that licked the camera to the fluid movements of Old Snake’s ever increasingly frail body, MGS4 is still the pinnacle of console graphics."

What the F does that mean then.... Jesus Christ... people don't read.

@ PIMP: Okay so you didn't read it... How about read it then come back and add something to this discussion.

leeeeed3800d ago

For a site that never gives credit to superior titles or features of the PS3, why on earth would they (as an Xbox 360 themed site) give GOTY 2008 to MGS4?


jwatt3800d ago

That was a good read and i think 2009 is going to be an interesting year for gaaming.

cherrypie3800d ago

Gears of War 2 is the best looking Console Game ever, even Jaffe has said this.

Please, dont be RIDICULOUS.

fishd3800d ago

@ppl who copare multiplat games together

RE4 on my pS2 looks better than The PC version,is my PS2 more powerfull than a high end PC?

Bully runs perfectly on pS2,but it is terrible on 360,Is my PS2 more powerful than 360?

Danja3800d ago

what ppl fail to understand is that devs are never gonna make a multi-plat game and make one version looks better than X they want to sell there games on both platforms not to alienate there buyers into thinking that they are giving preferences or shafting them , so most 3rd party games will always look similar no matter how powerful a system is over the other.

but the PS3 does have the crown in graphics when it comes to exclusives and 2009 will only just seperate the PS3 even more from the for Alan Wake I haven't seen a video of the game running on the 360 hardware yet say much about it...

TheUsedVersion3800d ago

I'm getting really sick and tired of people who do not even read the article before commenting. C'mon read the freaking article.

Traveler3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Put it this way, good graphics don't make a game great, but they do make a great game even better. :)

Sarcasm3800d ago

It's a pretty unbiased article.

But the "Does it really matter?" part is questionable.

When the PS3 had shoddy multiplatform titles and no exclusives that pushed the system. We get "haha nyah nyah the PS3 cant do Gears and the graphics suck!"

Now that the PS3 is starting to show stuff the 360 wishes it can do, all of a sudden "Does it really matter?"

Immortal Kaim3800d ago

When did that site ever laugh at the PS3's misfortunes? In fact it looks like it has always supported the 'competition' as much as the Xbox...

fishd3800d ago

Oh the irony,if an exclusive PS3 game looks a lot better then anything that 360 has to offer,who cares,it doesn't matter

But if the 360 version of a multiplat game has 3 pixels more than the PS3 version,it does matters,ZOMG PS3 SUX...

And if anyone thinks visual doesn't matter,then what the fukc is the point of these so called 'next-gen'??!!

we entered into next gen to have more polygons,better textures,etc.PERIOD

r3xmund13800d ago

When the 360 has better graphics its time to bring out the PS beating sticks...

When the PS3 has better graphics, "it doesn't really matter"

funny that.

SkyGamer3800d ago

I really think that if MS would stop using unreal 3 engine so much and make their own engine, we would see better looking exclusives. The Xenos is better than the rsx and the cell has a higher floating point than the tri-dual thread-core Xenos. nvidia shows that a good gpu will always trump a cpu in terms of graphical power. You could use the core i7 with integrated graphics andthe game would not be playable but you use a dual core, or even a high end p4 with a monster gpu and you can run the game well.

Besides you want one game a gen or several a gen. True mgs4 is nothing short of amazing, but if you look at the time, manpower and money that went into the game, was it worth it and will all games sell that well? kz2 can be the greatest looking game but if no one buys it, will the company go the way of free radical and factor 5? 2009 will be critical as the economy will probably be at its worst. Is it smart to invest in all these first party games that you don't get out maybe one title a generation and if it flops, where will the company be?

There are a lot of variables but one thing remains certain, pc's will still continue to dominate!

Imagine a Core i7 with tri-sli gtx 295! Ouch. Would scream circles around both X360 and ps3 combined!

Jazz41083800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

@Ghost of Sparta -
What I find funny is of your list of exclusive ps3 games, only 2 of them have been released. Who are you Nostrodamaus?

and by the way can you read?

Bubble Buddy3800d ago

Above: What I find funny is that almost all exclusive 360 games released I can play/will play on PC.

majorsuave3800d ago

"Unfortunately the core market places a huge emphasis on graphical prowess"

I guess this is the reason why the Wii rapes both M$ and Son¥ in terms of sales.

uie4rhig3800d ago

same old stupid fanboyismic arguments!! stop just enjoy your fvcking games and either buy more consoles or don't.. don't trash the other consoles.. period!!

Elven63800d ago

The thing with Microsoft first party titles is they never push the system in terms of graphics like how Sony does. Sure their is Gears but for the most part that's it, other studios should focus on photo realism as well.

What Microsoft needs to understand is things have changed since the last generation, third party exclusives are a dying breed, you can't expect third parties to "push" your system anymore.

CViper3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

The arguments have always been around, every generation there has been a nintendo system involved, or some other new gaming device.

There are two types of "gamers" here folks, People that buy the wii. Which is in the same exact regard as people that buy say, and Iphone. Or the first karaoke machines. I don't want to say gimmick, because that is always used to disparage the Wii. But its a popular electronic device. Graphics will never matter as long as its fun to people. But those people are not gamers like us. As it is always said, graphics alone is never fundamentally more important than the "fun" the game provides. But as usual, 360 fanboys love to pretend that when the PS3's graphic discussion is tossed around, it means literally JUST graphics and no gameplay at all. This just needs to end. Good gameplay is always more important. Developers know that, pS3 owners know that, 360 owners know that, and all gamers know that.

Its pathetic and everyone knows exactly where all this graphics debate is coming from. Its from the 360 fanboys who know damn well the 360's hardware isn't pushing game development forward as the PS3 hardware is, and 2009 is here a lot sooner than 360 fanboys thought it would be. Killzone2 is unopposed, and even more so when you consider the only graphical 360 title is the UNREAL ENGINE. Its a beautiful game, but its not going to drop anyones jaws because of how close to CGI it looks. It has amazing design. But thats where it ends. A more interesting article would be can good design trump great technical achievement and rendering engines.

But we all know it doesn't. People brag about Gears Graphics being "GRAPHICS KING" and they talk about the detail(lol normal maps) And all the stuff going on screen, the lush lighting blah blah. That isn't art design. Its engine hardware. Don't bother talking about that, then pretend graphics don't matter. Because thats exactly what Killzone2\MGS4\UNCHARTED\Motor storm2 improves upon, Lighting, Detail, Models, Surface Shaders, Realtime Motion Blur etc.

The PS3 has damn near photo realistic games (Gran Turismo P & Motorstorm 2) with amazing lighting and detail thats second to none. The 360 doesn't have a single thing that comes close. Sony has always pushed the technology forward and developed amazing visuals along with amazing games. This generation is no different. No one is saying that the 360 isn't going to be able to maintain with inferior game visuals, it will just be the place to buy ports and pc/360 exclusives that will definitely perform better than PS3 ports, but they will not be technically superior, or graphically superior than the PS3 exclusives which is why you buy the console in the first place. The PS2 has done a fine job with ported popular games, as the 360 will with 360/PS2/PS3/WII Ported games.

Its going to be very interesting to see how Microsoft can keep the question silenced about why the 360 has no games that look like MGS4/Killzone2/Uncharted/GranT urismo in the coming years. Multiplatform games have all hit the wall of potential, and that potential is a mix of an engine of GTA4-Fallout3-Bioshock-Burnout -Unreal Engine variation. Remember, we are developing for the lowest common denominator, the CORE HDDless 360. Thats all games are going to look like, and thats all games have looked like since about late 2006-2007. There will be improvements in optimizing engines, but there will never be a multiplatform game that can run with an exclusive ps3 title. Not only do developers not have the education that the exclusive devs have, they dont have the budgets/incentive to push a port in favor of one console or another to where the difference is night and day. Their job is to make an equal game for all platforms. Not to use all of the cells and have killzone2 on the ps3, and dig dug on the 360.

The PS3 has drifted away from the 360's capabilities. Its just up to Sony on whether or not they really start advertising that fact. I think they are going to try and let the games speak for themselves.

Graphics are never more important than gameplay. But having amazing games + second to none visuals is what the PS3 is delivering, and will continue to deliver in 2009.

You can pretend that as a 360/PS3 console owner, that they dont matter to you, and that you are happy with the level of improvment from Unreal Engine Gears1 to Unreal Engine Gears 2, and thats fine. People will be enjoying the PS3 exclusives for what they are.

MorganX3800d ago

The only PS3 games in my opinion that leave Xbox in the Dust are WipEout HD leaving all arcade games behind, and Heavenly Sword. The only asterisk is the PS3 couldn't really handle all that Heavenly Sword threw at it.

Doesn't matter how good it looks if it doesn't flow like butter. Dropped frames ruin the prettiest graphics when they're in motion. I'll believe one of the current next-gen consoles can leave the other far behind when I see it, without any dropped frames. I do think the PS3 has the most upside as devs learn to fully utilize the Cell's DSPs. But Xbox also has 3 full CPU cores that are probably underutilized. I say, for the most part, no one leap frogs the other in 2009 unless it involves capabilities tied to Blu-ray and the PS3's superior high-def audio. We'll see, 2009 is only days away.

cmrbe3800d ago

The article is being blunt honest. No bias or anything like that. It says stuff that people know is true but due to their preference in this console war won't say them out loud. The article also raises some pretty good questions.

It's true we have seen PS3 games graphics improve dramatically from 1st gen to second and now they are set to improve further in 2009 while we have seen very little improvement for x360 games since Gears 1. Lets be honest here. Fable 2, NG2 and Halo 3 really aren't that great graphically and these are some of x360 top games. We see it and we know the truth and i commend the author for saying it out loud. However. It is also true that MS haven't announced any of their secret titles which might be able to compete. Lets wait for them.

The question about weather graphics will matter is a very good question to ask. Last gen the graphical edge the xbox had over the PS2 obviously didn't matter so now the author is now asking that question again. Will graphics matter this time around?. As i said before the wii example this gen is not applicable as i believe the wii is mostly appealing to a different market. My 60 year old mother as well as my 36 year old sister have already bought a wii simply because its easy to play and fun. The only game they play is wii sports tennis. I am sure that my family is not an isolated incident.

In the end i believe graphics won't really matter overall with regards to this gen console war similar to last gen. What will matter in the end is varied exclusives games that appeals to a broad range of gamers. This is how Sony won two gens in a row. Even without graphical gems like GOW1 and 2,MGS3 and SOTC. The PS2 would have still won because of the broad collection of games it has.

But as i said before. Graphics however will matter alot to hardcore gamers like us. We always want to see an improvement from 1st gen games onwards. For example. If after the 4th year and games still look like year 2 games. As a hardcore gamer i would be very disappointed. I am sure you guys feel the same.

Again. Kudos to the author of this article.

DaTruth3800d ago

Xbox fanboys: "Oh, graphicz doezn't matter". Bioshock releases on PS3- Xbox Fanboys:" Did u zee the texturez on teh big daddy, LOLz teh cell". Suddenly graphics matter.

CViper3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

But then they pretend exclusives don't exist.

So cute.

But good thing this site is admitting it. You have others that still honestly believe the multiplatform Unreal Engine is technically superior to exclusive big graphic PS3 titles.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3798d ago

Unless they are both made on different engines designed specifically for each console. Its well known the 360 ports don't do well on the ps3 because the ps3 has unique architecture that has to be handled delicately. UE3 especially. ps3 ports do well however on the 360 because if its ability to incorporate many styles of development. (props to MS for that) To be fair you have to compare exclusives. And not something like mgs4 to gears of war. Pick two games that are similar to each other. Two games that aim for the same style of graphics and design. Unfortunately, ps3 and 360 exclusives are quite different. I mean unless you wanna compare Resistance 2 to halo 3 (they are both pretty similar in design) but that wouldn't be fair because of their release dates. Ninja Gaiden Sigma to Ninja Gaiden 2 would be fair I guess. Not sure if ng2 was built off of the sigma engine though. Honestly, one can argue that because of the ps3's almost endless depths of power that its capable of far better textures.

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Godem3800d ago

agreed, although I still think I will get Resident Evil 5 on the 360, because Xbox Live is great!

Aaron Greenterd3800d ago

Xbox Live is the pinnacle of human existance. Gone are the days of just "playing a game." Now, whenever you turn on your Microsoft Xbox 360 console, you get bombarded with messages, friend requests, and party invites.

You WILL feel popular and needed, just like the other consumers that have boosted their status, ego, and well being by having an Xbox Live membership...

And it can be yours for $98 per year...

NaiNaiNai3800d ago

or you could take the mighty psn, and you know, log in, no ones on, you cant ever seem to join a match with friends, when you finally get in, the match is over and you have to hook back up again, by searching for each other. nothing quite like the psn experience, cost is 0$ but the price of you sanity is much more then any dollar amount.

XboxOZ3603800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

I don't know where the heck you're getting your XboxLIVE from mate, but you're being ripped off majorly . .Even here in Australia it's a RRP of $AU79. and most sell it for less due to competition . . . which basically works out to around $AU0.22 cents a day for the year . .

@ Aaron Greenterd Below:

And it's statements like that that keep fanboi wars going . .seriously mate . . . I'm on a bloody pension, and I don't mind shelling out $AU0.22 cents a day for the service I get on Live, even if I only use half of it . . .

Once PSN starts charging for its services, which it will have to do in due course, in order to raise funds, then you'll be saying something different. Even Sony have said they may well have to cut areas they are losing in and incure fees in order to gain a foothold once again. So yu get what you pay for in the end.

They cannot continueto not charge for items, which you have to do anyway if you want 'extras" etc, , which I would pay for anyway. As I personally do not expect a free ride when so much has been ploughed into a service.

You MUST remember, they are NOT there to simply GIVE things away to YOU.

They (MS/Sony?Nintendo) are in BUSINESS. Meaning, at the end of the day, you are simply a customer who will pay for your goods or services in order for that business to move forward. Fail to pay or charge, and you lose $$, which means your shareholders lose confidence, which means they jump ship, which means they (Company) starts slipping down a very slipper slop. Which I might add, Sony gaming is currently doing. Hense the call for cost cutting measures and reduction of areas that do not pull profits.

Aaron Greenterd3800d ago

Yes, my figure is a bit high, but that is to make end users like you feel as if you got a deal.

As long as you think I'm the one getting ripped off, then I've done my job.

Why o why3800d ago

Another good article btw:)

SL1M DADDY3800d ago

They have gone the route of micro transactions and Home is exactly that. Not only are companies able to put their own stuff in Home for a fee, but they charge for it and then Sony takes their cut. Doing this enables Sony to keep the PSN free and my guess is as Home gets better with time, we will see a huge amount of money flowing to Sony through Home and the transactions taking place. Believe it or not but there are a ton of folks that love to decorate virtual worlds and pay for club subscriptions online.

MorganX3800d ago

I'd gladly pay $49 for the Xbox Live! experience, community and performance on the Playstation. Sometimes you get what you pay for. There's a lot wrong with the Xbox 360 platform, Xbox Live! and $49/yr subscription are NOT among the things wrong.

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RocknRolla3800d ago

As long as the games on the Xbox 360 are fun to play offline and online it doesn't really bother me that the PS3 will have graphics better than the 360 in 09.

Sure good graphics are a must in todays world.. Even if all games offer the graphical quality like FC2 ,or Gears of War 2 than im a happy chap.

MorganX3800d ago

Probably my all-time favorite game on PS3 or Xbox is Dead Rising. It's graphics were, OK, 6.5/10. So I agree, gameplay is most important. Having said that, I would prefer Dead Rising 2 on the PS3 with hi-def audio and 10/10 graphics using all the PS3's media processors.

ThanatosDMC3800d ago

Same here, but i want more "fatality moves" like the disembowler.

Lord Vader3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

PS3 exclusives should have great graphics. They only take 4 or 5 years to develop with a $30+ million budget. = ROFL

Just remember: Gears 1 & 2 were both developed & released for less than the price tag of KillZone 2 & BOTH games released before KZ2. = LMAO

Most graphically impressive games this gen for me = Gears, MGS4, Bioshock (360 version), & Uncharted. I'd say a machine that cost twice as much as 360 from the former #1 gaming console + the power of teh cell + bluray... wow, PS3 should be blowing 360 away graphically....

But it's not...

Love my PS3, but I don't find the cell to be more powerful on any level than the 360's GPU, not to mention 360's design & memory use is better = look at multiplats.

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rucky3800d ago

It's actually a nice written article. I'm actually afraid of what the Wii is doing to the industry. It's a perfect example how the casual audience can dominate the hardcore gamers. I'm just hoping Microsoft and Sony won't abandon us cause of the Wii's success.

gaminoz3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

I'm not sure the Wii is even still considered as a gamers platform, so really it isn't in competition with the 360 or PS3.

I don't think too many studios will debase the 360 and PS3 to the 'casual only' level and we'll still see top titles for gamers that may also now be a bit more accessible for 'emerging gamers' released.

The Wii audience is different.