Virtua Fighter 5 Japanese Import Review.

This is a true technical marvel of a PS3 title, a game that defines what 'next-gen' should stand for. And it's all thanks to the arcade work of Sega's AM-2 division that we have this picture-perfect PS3 conversion to talk about.

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TheMART5714d ago

This sounds like a great game for the PS3 guys. Congratulations. One to add on Resistance and probably Motorstorm. That makes three games that's worth buying.

"We could grumble about the lack of online play, but offline versus will suffice so long as our friends love the game as much as we do. We could complain that the SixAxis doesn't do Virtua Fighter 5 true justice, but then we bought Sega's awesome High Grade Virtua Sticks. And we could whine about the ten-second loading times that occur between fights, even though we've installed 2.35GB of Virtua Fighter 5 game data to our PS3's hard disk"

360 version will have online play, rumble and I hope they fix the loading times without loosing almost 2.5 GB of the HDD. That would be really really nice. And 1080p would the 360 version have it?

JOLLY15714d ago

They finally get some really good news about their console and you still have to dig into them. I feel bad for the sony boys. I know, I know, we are Xbox fans and have been the underdogs for ever, so we have this great opportunity to have big egos. Seeing as our console is recognized (by quite a few people) as superior. Come on, give them a break for once Mart. Besides, we get it too!

bobbybrown5714d ago

Damn you guys are fast to read all the ps3 reviews for some people who own a 360.

wow this game keeps getting really good scores, i didn't expect that to happen. Looking good.

Gamer135714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

But not for me, the only fighting game i like is mortal combat, but this should be a blast for those who like the series.

IM OUT...///"""

power of Green 5714d ago

I'm in here reading this thread to see if this game will be any good and i do not own a PS3, got a problem with that!?.

bobbybrown5714d ago

no, but I find it funny that some people just seem to want to bash the ps3 as soon as there are news on it and say that their console is better even though they know nothing of what they're talking about.

Raiyel5714d ago

too bad you can't even spell mortal kombat properly...

i just thought that was funny.. no offense of course.

Gamer135714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

lol once u now what im talking about - and you did.

IM OUT....///"""

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