Halo 3 Alpha Video

Yet more Halo 3 details being leaked over the internet, with the recent Alpha build Screenshots being released a couple of days ago, it now appears that a 'blurry' video of Halo 3 is now on YouTube.

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deepio4901d ago

"Everythings so blurry and everyone's so fake..."

I can't wait for the beta!!

dantesparda4901d ago

its look just like Halo 1 & 2, i hope the graphics are gonna get better than this

CAPS LOCK4901d ago

first of all the person recording this needs to buy a better camera, and secondly why is he concentration his shots on the sky?

this game to me doesn't look like a system seller, yes i know its an alpha build and i know its called "halo 3" but i mean come can curse me all you want but it is more disappointing than the pics we saw of the alpha build.

CAPS LOCK4901d ago

i loved halo 1, it was soo great, then they released halo 2 and didn't add enough content, it was a disappointment in my opinion. but i want halo 3 to be the best 360 game, because then i will buy a 360, but for now i will enjoy being a pc gamer until the ps3 comes out.

Monchichi0254901d ago

You said it all right there.... a PC Gamer.

Stick to your pc games lonely boy and leave games like Halo to the cool kids with real friends. HALO is the SHIZNITZZZ and will sell no matter what. And nooo we do not care what PC nerds think!!

Sashy4901d ago

the game may be good :P just maybe

GioneBurnz4901d ago (Edited 4901d ago )

is that your real pic? Are you that ho mo kid who made that AWFUL music video about 3 years ago? ?
If this is you, its a damn pleasue to meet you LOL.

dantesparda4901d ago (Edited 4901d ago )

Thats not him, i can tell its not the same guy, but what are you trying to say? that all white people look alike!? Im just kidding, i dont think that, LOL! funny post though

zonetrooper54901d ago

Was that the Halo 1 pistol in there?

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The story is too old to be commented.