UK watchdog recommends Xbox Activision deal for ‘in-depth investigation’ amid competition concerns

From VGC: "The UK competition regulator’s inquiry into Microsoft‘s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard may be expanded over competition concerns.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) confirmed last month that it had opened an investigation into the $68.7 billion deal—the game industry’s biggest ever by far—to determine whether it’s a fair one.

After gathering feedback from third parties with an interest in the proposed deal, the CMA said on Thursday that it has a number of outstanding concerns that must be addressed."

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sparky7794d ago

Surprising that government regulators and Sony themselves believe that no COD is enough to kill the Playstation brand. Crazy to think Sony's 1st party games are that insignificant.

SoulWarrior94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

And MS' 1st party was that insignificant they spent an eye watering 80 billion, buying them up from others as they hadn't created their own hit IP for I don't know how long.

sparky7794d ago

Exactly that, before Bethesda they were lacking.

Now with Bethesda + ABK they will easily become number 1 and Sony/regulators know that.

tehpees394d ago

Their exclusive quality was actually lacking before X1. It was towards the tail end of the 360 where they were obviously falling behind everybody. In regards to buying IPs, sure they have bigger names but only time will tell if the development talent pays off, since that is what truly matters in the long run.

DeusFever94d ago

Where did you read that anyone said that losing CoD will kill the PlayStation brand? Divert sales, yes. That’s the power of exclusivity. Or more importantly for the market, concentrate more game sales with one publisher and giving that publisher too much power over the market. Just think of all the other markets that are controlled by only a few companies and how much that sucks for consumers.

Aloymetal94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I'm collecting these kind of comments to review again by the end of this gen. What would the excuses if after all the zillions spent and all those ''significant'' ; IP's bought the xbox brand still manage to get a distant 3rd place.
What a major embarrassment that will be. Can't wait to hear them...

thesoftware73094d ago

It's more embarrassing that you plan to get off on collecting people's opinions so that you can gloat later. You are way too connected to something you are not connected to.

Btw, just a question and a thought, what metric of 3rd are you using...unit sales? let us say at the end, they have 60mill or more GP subs, but fewer physical consoles sold, did they fail? or will you be stuck in your shortsighted view?

Hofstaderman94d ago

I’m calling it they coming in at third place again this gen. Bethesda and Activision can’t make up for the fact that they have lacklustre games. I’m personally not affected by the buyout, I don’t play Call of Duty and the only Bethesda game I’ve ever completed was Skyrim. People buy a PlayStation because they know where the exclusives are at. And they may come to PC yes, but that happens three to four years down the line.

Aloymetal94d ago

You're already spinning and making excuses because of the inevitable so thanks for the input.
Excuse/comment # 39 collected.

jimmy28994d ago

You must be really hurt by Xbox success.

Gamingsince198194d ago


Let us know when they have some success first.

HardKnockKid2494d ago

@Aloymetal….. dude why are you like this? Lol

Wrex36994d ago Show
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Tedakin94d ago

Cod isn't getting taken away from anyone. That's made up drama.

brewin94d ago

Exactly. I feel like Sony is just trying to delay the deal from going thru before MW2 comes out because they dont want to have Xbox having it on Gamepass day 1 while it has a $70 price on PS5.

With PS5 hard to obtain still, there are a lot of people that would see thats its part of Gamepass and choose the Xbox over the PS5 because of that alone. It would definitely move the needle for a lot of CoD fans to have it on Gamepass on Day 1. Thats unlikely to happen now because of the investigation, so smart move by Sony to delay it as much as possible

derek94d ago

@Brewin Sony ain't controlling this.

Profchaos94d ago

I think we all know the quality of Sony's first party games is high but commercially they don't reach the level of cod.

Without games like cod Sony wouldn't be able to make the investment in games like ghost of tsushima because they help fund those hits ans fails via publishing fees.

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Orchard94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Won’t stop the deal going through obviously and they still have a window to respond and address their concerns to avoid going to the in depth review.

But I think they handled it perfectly by just responding with that other blog post they put out.

1Victor94d ago

Microsoft can have a big pass by allowing/ offering game pass ( no pun intended) on other consoles by doing that they can prove they’re not going to monopolize those mayor 3rd party developers/publishers and put the heat on the other consoles.

Tedakin94d ago

Sony will never in a billion years allow Gamepass on Playstation, directly competing with its own services and users.

shinoff218394d ago

I think gamepass will be on ps at some point. Whether late this gen or next

Gamingsince198194d ago

Gamepass will be on playstation when MS leaves the console business and is only a game streaming company like Amazon which won't be to far away considering how badly xbox sells world wide even with the billions MS keeps shoving into it.

porkChop94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

They already offered to put Game Pass on PS and PS refused. Sony also blocked EA Play for the longest time. Sony doesn't like sharing profits or allowing competing services.

MadLad92d ago


Xbox is selling better than ever. They're even starting to overtake Sony in markets they were never even close in.
They're only a few million behind PlayStation overall.

So if that's bad, wouldn't that make PlayStation sales sub-par, at best?

Let's also talk about subscription services. Gamepass made PS Now look abysmal. At least until they just hid the numbers and implemented it into the PS Plus numbers.

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mkis00794d ago (Edited 94d ago )

"Obviously "does not really belong there. This is exactly the type of thing that could lead to it being blocked.

Personally I hope it goes through. Ms doesnt have the ability to aquire any more pubs after this. They would all be blocked.

porkChop94d ago

This won't lead to it being blocked. The major concern revolves around Call of Duty being taken away from PS. MS has already committed, multiple times, to keeping Call of Duty multiplatform. They've likened it to their acquisition of Mojang and how all Minecraft games continue to be released for all platforms.

derek94d ago

@orchard, don't be so sure, I can see American regulators having the same concerns. Microsoft has a long history of anticompetitive practices no matter how rosy a picture the paint of this purchase.

1Victor94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

That same was said in 1995 of a sonic game on a Nintendo console and 2001 of PlayStation games showing on PC 🤷🏿 add to that the next gen is going to be the last gen for consoles 🤦🏿
Bottom line is 💩 happens, wind shifts and weather changes nothing last forever.

Would you had believed that bungie would be owned by Sony if someone told you 15+ years ago?

JayRyu94d ago

Will not stop the acquisition from going through. I believe that this deal will be done by late fall early winter right in time for the Christmas holiday right when MW2 drops and will be added to Game Pass.

Gamingsince198194d ago

The deal at its earliest is next year so that's not happening.

tay870194d ago

yah that deal isnt happening this yr. it will finally go through probably middle of next yr.

Profchaos94d ago

But it could in theory. Microsoft will obviously fire back and defend the deal. It doesn't mean the UK will agree with them.

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darkrider94d ago

Fair? That will be hard to prove. It's one of the biggest publishers

MadLad94d ago

So anyways, then the deal went through.