X-Play All Access Preview: Diablo III

Jay Wilson, Game Director for Diablo III, gives Morgan Webb an all-access preview of the long-awaited game, including some foresight into a new class of character, the Wizard.

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Agent VX3587d ago

This game looks great, hopefully lives up to its older brothers.

Also wish Morgan Webb would accept my "All Access" pass.

jjesso19933587d ago

my mate had a go at me cus i said his pc probs wont run it his specs are intel pentium 4 1.8ghz 1gb of ram on board graphics and 40gb HDD lol

SL1M DADDY3587d ago

Sacred Gold? If he can run them at a decent rate, he might be ok for Diablo III but he might want to consider getting a better rig just for this game.

iceice1233587d ago

Probably have to run the game with low settings to keep a solid framerate, but it should definitely be playable on it. Blizzard makes there game accessible to as many people as possible.

jjesso19933587d ago

he cant even run sims 2 his onborad graphics is 32mb the pc could be all right if added bit more ram and 3.2gzh petium 4 and graphics card he has pci 16 Exepress slot and offerd to give him a geforce 8600 but he said his pc would fine for this game