Square Enix TGS 2022 Lineup and Schedule Revealed; FF7 Rebirth & FFXVI Confirmed to Be Present

The official Square Enix TGS 2022 lineup and schedule has been announced by the company, alongside the opening of a new web page for the event.

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GaboonViper201d ago (Edited 201d ago )


phoenixwing201d ago

It's day one so long as there is no block chain crap

jznrpg201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

I will buy all of these games for PS5 . I think I have them all preordered already except Romancing Saga Minstrel Song but it won’t be for long . FF16 I don’t think I preordered yet either because it’s not available yet ?

MadLad201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

15 sucked for a lot of people, and 14 needed a complete redo.
7 remake ended up good, but still divided the fanbase.

I'm not telling you what to do, but I'd suggest waiting to see what happens with these games after release.
I don't find preordering any game a smart decision.
It's not like you can't easily get access to it at release. You might get a cute little trinket or two, but I don't see how that makes risking full retail money on something blindly.

CaptainHenry916201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

I don't see Lost Soul Aside? That's the game I'm waiting on. Is it still in development?

darkrider201d ago

Good news. Very nice indeed

maskyy200d ago

Only interested in Rebirth and FFXVI so this will be exciting!