Playstation 3 Will Be 3D Ready In 2009?

According to one CEO, the Playstation 3 will be ready to display in 3D starting sometime in the New Year.

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Nathan Drake3681d ago step closer to 4D,MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

N4360G3681d ago

LOL it looks like Ken Kutaragi was right.The PS3 will be 4-D in no time!!

Aaron Greenterd3681d ago

Yet another gimmick by our competitor.

On a side note, our own 3D product, code named "Eyez", will be available at all major retailers in late 2009, MSRP $99.99

jwatt3681d ago

could sworn I seen an artical that it was for both the ps3 and 360 but I guess it's just ps3.

cactuschef3681d ago

I know Aaron Greenterd is a fanboy, but I still gotta lolz

ThanatosDMC3680d ago

What is 4-D? x,y,z-axis and then what? I thought our human eyes cant see 4-D.

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rucky3681d ago

That's what you get for purchasing a reliable future-proof entertainment system. Blu ray will definitely be a factor on this.

What the hell's 4D anyway? Isn't that the kind of experience you get at Universal Studios?

umair_s513681d ago

We live in a 3 dimensional really 4 dimension is out of the equation....what he means by 3D is that our eyes will see a 3D environment (some thing like the IMAX), rather than watching a 3D environment on a 2D TV screen.

TheHater3681d ago

We live in a 4D world. Length, Width, Height and Time. Plus there is other dimensions we don't know about or have yet to figure out how the impact your daily lives.

fan_of_gaming3681d ago

isn't the 4th dimension time? so therefore 4D would be a 3D environment where time had a factor in the environment.

edit: @ TheHater, you beat me to it lol, thats what i thought too.

mrdxpr23681d ago

4d is time.... now i want to know 5d hehehe

Max Power3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

actually we live in a 11 dimension world (well 'world' as in our knowledge and understanding of time and space of the universe), for a long time scientist thought there was only 10, but they discovered the 11th dimension recently.

Marceles3681d ago

lol..had to laugh at thehater's comment.

"WRONG!" (buzzzzzzz, trap door)

umair_s513680d ago

I clearly said that WE LIVED IN A 3D WORLD. I am an engineering student so I have somewhat of an understanding of dimensions. PLEASE watch this link bellow as it can explain better what I am trying to say.

darthv723680d ago

there is also an 8th dimension. I know because buckaroo banzai has been across it.

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jack who3681d ago

um so we must be in 2d? rite now?

evilmonkey5013681d ago

like its really popping off your monitor and into your face

Aclay3681d ago

If the PS3 does indeed get 3D, I definantly can't wait to play games like God of War 3, Uncharted 2, and Killzone 2 in 3D!!!

3D Gaming in combination with Blu-ray will be big selling points for the PS3.

sonyandcher3681d ago

I would love it if they could retro do this for LBP

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