More Games Need To Explain Their Controls Like 'Bionic Commando' Does

Patrick Klepek from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"As I quickly learned while watching my girlfriend play "Left 4 Dead," modern games are tough for newcomers to sit down and play.

Controllers as complicated as the Xbox 360's and PlayStation 3's are here to stay, but games need to do a better job of educating new gamers.

"Bionic Commando" isn't the game I expected to do that. But while checking out the game's addictive multiplayer at a San Francisco event last week, I noticed the game's flashy-but-effective introduction."

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LinuxGuru3806d ago


Read it.

Or read the controls menu. Or the Help menu. Or WHATEVER has been put in place to make sure you know the controls.

If you need a fancy-f*ck tutorial, then your expectations might be a *little* bit too high.