Apple Shuts Down Jiggle Physics on iPhone

Apple has denied a development license to one software developer planning to release iBoobs, an application attempting to recreate breast physics on the iPhone.

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italianbreadman3584d ago

There you go, Apple, taking away our inalienable rights to jiggle at our leisure...

Viewtiful3584d ago

If you listen closely you can actually hear Tomonobu Itagaki quietly a nearby witch in L4D...or the distant ocean in a conch shell.

cactuschef3584d ago

...touch screen features.

evilmonkey5013584d ago

no one likes boobs anyways, and I'm sure they wouldn't help sell any iphones either.

IWentBrokeForGaming3584d ago

for my G1 where freedom is allowed in apps, apple are tools

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