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Remakes/remasters/remodels aren’t uncommon nowadays. But a game that gets a third go round? It must be pretty special, and the original The Last of Us is pretty special.

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Adding Cut Content Is The Best Reason To Rerelease A Game Like The Last Of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered is being marketed as a graphical upgrade, but three Lost Levels and a roguelike mode add much more.

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The Last Of Us Franchise Is Likely Staying Dormant For A While

Naughty Dog released The Last of Us Part 2 over 3 years ago, and since then, the only good thing we have received is a TV series.

Flawlessmic40d ago

not complaing tbh, i love the last of us but for me the story is done, i dont need more it. they couldve left it at 1 and i wouldve been happy with it.

i have no interest in playing as abby what so ever or anyone else not named joel or ellie for that matter.

give us a new IP naughty dog, its bloody time, insomniac has snatched your throne as sonys best studio, remind us again how talented you are!!

Vits40d ago

I'm with you on that. People might not have noticed yet, but Naughty Dog has worked on basically only Uncharted and The Last of Us for almost two decades now. It's pretty much 3/4 of their entire history under Sony, dedicated to those two franchises.

Cacabunga39d ago

This series should have been put to rest since the first one.. tlou2 was absolutely not needed because the first one was perfect.

Now i how ND wake up and give us something to be excited for

isarai40d ago

Honestly even if Joel was was still in it, I'm still fine with just not having another game period. Like even after the first game, I was fine with the option of just leaving things as they were, and I feel the same about TLOU2. yeah they're great games but the story would be fine left as it is imo, just takes if a messed up situation in a messed up world

Furesis39d ago

insomniac is only big because they are working on Spider Man. Give that ip to any good studio and they will succeed. So i don't feel that is fair to say for that reason. i would like a part 3 with ellie only, where she is old 40 years old or more and end the story there somehow but there were some rumors of multiple playable characters which makes me not so interested. A new ip is a hard sell, i trust them but at the same time not sure about current ND talent to deliver on that front.

Flawlessmic39d ago

Yea let's just ignore 4 games in 5 years and ratchet and clank.

All absolutely quality quality games, theybdeserve the kudos!!

SyntheticForm39d ago

That's fine. I just hope Naughty Dog isn't staying dormant.

Stanjara39d ago

Too bad TLOU didn't get a sequel cause it was really a good game.

TricksterArrow39d ago

It did! It’s called The Last of Us Part II and it currently holds the record of the most awarded game of all-time! Highly recommend it!

-Foxtrot39d ago

And yet I could give you a dozen games which didn’t get as many awards but are better.

Even 2020…Ghost of Tsushima gave us not just one great revenge tale but two.

Shane Kim39d ago

Well that's on you Fox. Most people seems to like it wich the awards are a proof of.

CombatEmu39d ago

Honestly, TLOU2's story came off as more of a comedy of errors masquerading as a 'serious' game.

Not to mention, despite having all of these awards much of which only existed once, TLOU2, a sequel to a critically acclaimed game, took as much time as Horizon: Zero Dawn, a new IP and a huge gamble for Guerrilla at the time, to hit 10 million sales. Heck, Ghost of Tsushima nearly hit 10 million sales by the 2 year mark and that one was also a new IP.

-Foxtrot39d ago


"Heck, Ghost of Tsushima nearly hit 10 million sales by the 2 year mark and that one was also a new IP"


And they were only behind TLOU2 by like a million

Put it into perspective

A brand new IP which could have gone either way vs a massive 7 years in the making sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed games in the last 10 years.

Yet they only managed a million more...

shammgod39d ago

People are still mad about TLOU2. 😂😂

Great game and I’m prepping for another playthrough. Might have to wait until they release the PS5 version and see how that is

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dumahim39d ago


Don't we have the multiplayer game coming?

MrSec8439d ago

The rumors say it's development wasn't up to par with internal expectations, so it's on ice for a while, but there's been nothing official saying what's happening with it for a while.
We should have gotten some new information once the remake of Part 1 was done.

ND has to have something new to announce, they've been quiet for a while now.

JackBNimble39d ago

Meanwhile half their dev's are now unemployed... I wouldn't count on anything for quite awhile.

MrSec8439d ago

@JackBNimble: The studio had over 400 Staff back in July, about 25 staff have been made redundant, this could very easily be because a game has had a large part of it's development finished and ND are the biggest they've ever been.
Scaling back to focus more and cut the fat isn't a bad thing.
The studio could easily still have close to 400 staff, it's also been 3 years since their last release, it's very likely that they're gearing up to announce their next game and release it within the next year or so.

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