The future of Capcom games looks brighter than ever

Capcom has been on a run of releasing consistently high quality games over the last few years. The future of the company looks promising.

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Orchard155d ago

100% agree. Capcom is back!

brewin155d ago

Did Capcom ever really leave?! They have been the most consistent 3rd party company in history in my opinion! They have made very few errors over all these years. I hope they never sell to anyone and just keep getting stronger!

darthv72155d ago

It's nice to see them thrive, but deep down I know something is missing.

Orchard155d ago

Just came here to say, 10/10 word play. Kudos sir.

CrimsonWing69155d ago

I see what you did there! Lol

CrimsonWing69155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

My favorite company and I’ve been sticking by them even before they went full ree ree when Inafune was running the show.

I keep holding out for a Breath of Fire collection! Please let this happen!!!

sourOG155d ago

They are in a good place right now. They seem like a well oiled machine these last few years. Konami looks like it’s trying to make a comeback too. The tmnt is a good faith head start, I’m kinda hyped about the announcement.

HeliosHex154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Capcom is a beast. Legendary company been around a very long time. If only Konami could stop embarrassing themselves and get it together too that would be nice.

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