The Last of Us Part 1 Review - Gaming Target

The remake of one of Naughty Dog’s best games is finally here and it is pretty amazing on the PlayStation 5.

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mastershredder638d ago

Dude, take it down a few notches. Your overzealous fandom totally negates the review.

darkrider637d ago

Yeah felt the same. I think I'm gonna plau tlou2


The Sounds of the Fireflies ("The Last of Us") concert kicks-off on April 28th, 2024

"The Game Music Foundation are today very proud and pleased to announce an additional concert, circling back to the roots of Game Muisic Festival in Poland. On April 28th, 2024, the National Forum of Music in Wroclaw will once again become a place to celebrate the art of video game music, featuring scores from The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II." - The Game Music Foundation.


The Last Of Us Series Has Remarkable Potential For Spin-Offs

Najam from eXputer writes "It's time fore a new installment in the series, not another pointless remaster."

anast118d ago

They are working on something new. Not to be rude but it is impossibility stupid to think ND next major announcement is going to be a remaster or their next Last of Us entry is going to be another remaster.

AlterRecs115d ago

I think this is in response to them releasing a remaster for the sequel, a game that didn't need a remaster.

Basically a "why did you put out a remaster no one asked for when you have all there options available"

anast115d ago

They remaster is to put out something quick while they are deving new stuff. I don't get how people can be so static.

AlterRecs114d ago

There's no news about a third game being in production, you're just assuming that they're working on something that they aren't

anast114d ago

When they release the news to start the hype-train, you can give me my props then.

DrDoomer118d ago

I want an alternate timeline spin-off, where part 2 never happened.

CrimsonWing69118d ago

They’ve already done Remasters of 1 and 2… what else is there to Remaster?

AlterRecs115d ago

Considering they remastered the first game twice, who knows lol

CrimsonWing69115d ago

That was a Remake. I guess they could do that to 2, but man…. They should wait a couple generations so it can look like a major upgrade.


The Last Of Us Online Devs Celebrate Their Experience With The Canceled Game

The team is sad for losing out on such a great project but celebrates its growth because of spending time on it.

Chocoburger162d ago

All they had to do was make a basic online mode like their previous games. Instead they wanted more money and choose to go live service which makes games worse in my opinion.

What a waste of time and money, what a shame.

seanpitt23118d ago

I can't wait for season 2 so they can kill Joel off in the first 2 episodes!! Then it will be just Abby and Ellies revenge plot!

Something is telling me that this won't happen though because it wouldn't make sense, oh wait

Linzoid162d ago

Not sure why they didn’t just make Factions 2. There was no need to make it a live service.

TLoU Factions was a great addition such a shame they couldn’t be bothered to remaster that for PS5 considering the crazy high price tag of the remaster of a remaster…

anast162d ago

This is something to be celebrated. This studio is smart and they get it, even factions 2 wouldn't've have been worth the time. I am surprised they didn't just remaster the first one though, but actually how popular was Factions?