Metro.co.uk: The Last Of Us Part 1 remake review - third time is not the charm

A completely pointless remake of one of the best games of the last decade, except with only half the content and at double the price.

garryxcs663d ago

"completely pointless remake"

Gives it an 8. Love it.

"Double the price"? So the original was only $35? It's not "double the price". But this bait should definitely get double the clicks.

BlackTar187663d ago

Well it’s only half the game that was originally released.

garryxcs663d ago

Guess "only half the game" was still worth an 8 out of 10 for metro.co.uk.

BlackTar187662d ago

I love that you put it in quotes like MP wasn’t a huge part of the game with its fans.

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shinoff2183663d ago

When it has an excerpt that starts out completly pointless. Eh screw them.

Half the original im going to assume they mean multiplayer. I dont care for it anyway. I think online gaming is a waste of time. Give me story and single player any and every day. Ill take it.

generic-user-name663d ago

1. No game is essential.
2. MP is not half the game + Left Behind is included.

moongrim663d ago

Completely Pointless Review is more like it.

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anast12h ago

Last of US was organic feeling. The "queer" thing doesn't feel tacked on like a lot of the games now.

purple1014h ago

how you not gonna mention 'The ballad of gay tony'!



Neil Druckmann: Philosopher gamer behind 'The Last of Us'

who is now the sole leader of Naughty Dog, “I promise you, we will not be ‘The Last of Us’ studio forever.” Numerous games, he said, are in the works, including “multiple single-player projects.

Lightning7721d ago

I know he has a celebrity like status but unless he's announcing his game soon idc what he has to say from this point on.

We need announcement something from him.

Crows9020d ago

The dude is a nobody. He's also wrong. Naughty dog is the uncharted and Jak daxter studio.

They only made one universally praised last of us game. They're not know as "the last of us studio" but they are currently known as the "remake" studio.

Lightning7720d ago

I like his games tbh I'm just more upset at the fact that he's been talking and talking and not showing anything. I'm an actual fan of his work, don't cars if that's that's a popular take or not.

If he has nothing to show or talk about. I don't care about his interviews, his red carpet appearances or what's next for last Of Us 2 TV, leave that to Hollywood. You don't see SP, Bend, or any other studio doing what he's doing. They're remaining quiet and focused as most PS studios do. He should do the same. The next thing I wanna hear him say is "now heres our game" we know that probably won't be for another year or so, so he needs to remain silent and stay out of the limelight for awhile.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash20d ago

You are wrong. LOU2 won a lot of GOTY and was highly rated. It's okay to dislike the game but saying that ND just made one critical acclaimed LOU game is just hating at this point.

rippermcrip20d ago

Kind of a weird interview. No substance, hardly any questions. It's almost like they forgot to post the whole thing or something.

neomahi20d ago

Oh brother...... It's like a balloon filling with helium. He's got nothing new to say. Naughty Dog went from being a studio of numerous developers to being about him and what HE does. Bruce Straley was the co-creator of The Last of Us, and he left--I think for the same reason Christophe Balestra left and since then, Naughty Dog haven't been the same. PlayStation is incredibly woke, as all businesses seem to be these days, ignorant to what's really going on sacrificing the greater for peanuts, but I think they left because of the uprising political atmosphere. They knew there was nothing they could do about it and an attempt to try and combat it, in today's society would end them up in legal trouble so, they just left, what else can you do when the opposition behaves like a child, screams and yells louder than you want to in raged fits, and will throw lawsuits at you at whatever chance they can, but you don't play that way, so they left. And Naughty Dog hasn't been the same since.

Naughty Dog was huge at one time! They were the underdog that became the top dog but, the direction it's fine, just watch and wait. It's ego, and Druckmanns ego of thinking they're untouchable and can just coast along, will drop them rock bottom, in due time, they could see the same fate as Xbox's teams met. Fans will turn on Naughty Dog because A) Naughty Dog aren't producing, they're not what they once were.
B) Gamers ARE growing tired of the woke culture overtaking their lifetime hobby. They're just more silent about it, it's the quiet cool

anast20d ago

Non of this makes sense. I would like to think you didn't spend too much time writing it.

Crows9020d ago

I hope you didn't spend much time reading..it...cuz obviously you didnt understand it. But that's okay. There's many other comments to read...


You project your own views on the world, and that is a mistake.

Crows9020d ago

Um...so you project someone else view on the world? What are you talking about?! We all project our view on the world lol...smh

anast20d ago

It's called perspective. I understand that. But I don't understand the poster.