Warhound Coming to Xbox 360

Techland announced today it is bringing its DirectX 10 first-person shooter to Xbox 360, Warhound. Warhound is a non-linear first person perspective action shooter set in modern times.

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CAPS LOCK4894d ago

now thats what i call graphics! this game looks soo good but do we need another first person shooter?

TheMART4894d ago

Does it matter? You're free to choose from the shooters which you want

Plus there are enough other games to choose from if you don't like shooters...

Forza 2
Mass Effect (shooting involved, but RPG first)
Assassins Creed
Moto GP 06
Viva Piniata
Fifa 2007
PES 06
Table Tennis

and so much more...

PS360WII4894d ago

did you just ask do we really need another fps?!?!

That's what the 360 is a fps gaming console didn't you know that?

Anyway hell ya those graphics look sick but I'm not buying that non-linear line they used. Pretty much everything these days is linear even the blockbuster RPG's that are coming out are basically linear...

Funky Town_TX4894d ago

That is what I day about RPG's. I like killing, killing, killing and shooting fools in cyber world. Oh yeh, I will also trash someone in a sports game.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4894d ago

You dont like FPS? you know Mass affect is more like a FPS dont you or more like RPG, FPS with a third person feel kinda like Raindow.

candystop4894d ago (Edited 4894d ago )

This game looks hot and definitely worth looking into! I love FPS and think if anyone doesn't like them they just shouldn't buy them!

headblackman4894d ago

so will the xbox360 support directX10 or not? they said that dx10 wont be comming to the 360 but the dx10 titles are. how will this affect the 360 ver of the game?

bung tickler4894d ago

the 360 gpu is not 100% DX10 compatable, which isnt really that surprising since the 360 came out before DX10 was finalized, however it IS capable of MANY of the DX10 features, so many if not most of the things that could be done with a DX10 video card can also be done with the 360's GPU.

candystop4894d ago

That's a good question but i'm willing to bet that they will have some sort of DX10 downloadable upgrade come out here real soon if it's possible!

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