Dutch news program claims PS3s just stop working

PCN writes:

Dutch news program Radar is claiming that PS3s just stop working after a year and demands that Sony responds.

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rucky3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Mine's been running for two years and is constantly being used everyday with probably only a month hiatus. I know not every company can make every hardware perfect but Sony's way within the defect rate standards like stated on the article.

ThatCanadianGuy3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Same here.Mine's been running 24/7 for almost two years now.
Not a problem.

Tho the article mentions out of 250,000 console owners only 68 people called in complaining.That's hardly a widespread problem.

Brawler3803d ago

Im on my third first one the hard drive corrupted then the second one blu ray drive stopped working after about 6 months hopefully this one doesn't break. Cause $200 to fix the blu ray drive is not fun.

Megaton3803d ago

Oddly enough, my 80gig stopped working last night in the middle of Fallout 3. I've had it for 3 days shy of 1 year. My launch PS2 broke exactly 1 year to the day after purchase, but that was a lot more widespread than PS3 issues. Damn near everyone I know had a broken PS2 in the early years. I'm the only one I know with a broken PS3.

morganfell3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Something to be aware of. PS3Center is apparently full of idiots and should do just a little more research once in a while. The Dutch program wasn't about PS3 reliability at all.

To reiterate: The Dutch TV program wasn't about the PS3s not working. It was mentioned as a side bar. It was what they discussed in the print article translated here:

But it wasn't the main topic of the TV program any more than the half time show is the focus of a regular season football game.

The focus was on warranties and the fact the 1 year Sony warranty collides with Dutch law which says 3 year warranties must be provided.

As the guy said on Neogaf where this sprang up earlier today, "1% of 250k is 2500... and they got a few hundred complaints? So .1%?

Really, that is a concern? If that's the case, most every piece of electronics out there has some problem or another..."

NewScratch3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

edited, wrong comment.

NaiNaiNai3803d ago

funny my 360 has been running for over a year, and thats constantly, every day, and for the past 2 months its been on for at least 5-10 hours each day, and even more on the weekends, oh, but thats a lie, it cant possible true, its a xbox. plus the ps3 never fails. T_T.

SWORDF1SH3803d ago

so your xbox as not broken?? well you are one on the lucky 66%. because yours hasnt broke down it doesnt mean xbox hasnt got a terrible reliability problem. also because less than 1% of ps3 owner have a problem with there ps3 it shows how reliable the product is. i got 4 friends with xboxs and 3 have broke down. i have 8 friends with ps3 and i only known one to break down. its wont be jus me and my friends. its everywhere.

callahan093803d ago

"Tho the article mentions out of 250,000 console owners only 68 people called in complaining.That's hardly a widespread problem."

That's barely a FIFTIETH of ONE PERCENT! That's practically nothing! And yet they demand an apology? What about the 360 which I've seen quoted as having a fail rate of like 16% (in case you're wondering, that's like 600 times the fail rate of the PS3 according to the sample in this article)

legendkilla3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

ive had my 60GB PS3 since Nov 17/ 2006 no problems here!

Zeevious3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

...and it really IS 300 people who's PS3's just up and died 11teen minutes after their 1-Year warranty.

Add up the numbers...Out of 250,000 PS3's sold, all 300 are STILL less that POINT.2 or One/Fifth of One percent. (The failure rate for the PS3 was listed officially as an extremely low .2 percent.)

So maybe all 300 of these unfortunate gamers knew Radar's number but only 68 knew Sony's?
Maybe there where 68 failures, but they called Radar more than once.
Maybe 68 called Sony & another 300 called Radar bringing the fault-rate to 368 out of 250,000.
I have no idea, but even 368 out of 250,000 is a FANTASTIC failure rate!

This small percentage of failure is why I always recommend an extended warranty for any game console...$80 from Sony...even less elsewhere.

I will watch these repair numbers very closely in the event there has been a flaw introduced in cost-reduction revisions, causing the Blu-Ray diode to burn out or related drive failures.

These numbers however are well below a fraction of a percent...which is well below even a conservative average failure rate.

If anything, they highlight the reliability of the PS3 & something to brag about, not complain about. (except for the few who's units have failed...I hope they're repaired and returned sooner than later!)

cherrypie3803d ago

I've got 3 dead PS2s that say "I'm not suprised".

raptorjacob3803d ago

i've got 1 launch ps2 that says, "that would be a suprise."

3803d ago
BIGELLOW3803d ago

Why would you replace a whole PS3 when just the hard drive goes bad? Isn't that like replacing a whole laptop because the hard drive goes bad? You should have just replaced the hard drive (with a bigger one at that) and you would have been good to go.

I wish it was only the hard drive that went bad in my son's 360.

Danja3803d ago

I've had my PS3 since November 17th , 2006 never had a problem , but I guess it's just a case of bad luck because I know alot of ppl with PS3's and only one ever had a prob and that was because of a corrupted HDD ...

reaferfore203803d ago

When I bought my PS3 in January of '07 it started messing up within one day of me buying it. I took it back to the store and got another that quit playing Blu-Rays after about 11 months. I sent it in and got another one in 6 days. This one has been working beautifully ever since.

gaffyh3803d ago

My PS1, PS2 and PS3 have never died on me. PS2 did have some laser problems, but I just opened it up and cleaned the laser arm and it worked fine again.

I've had my PS3 from launch, not had a problem with it. I think people don't know how to take care of their console if it fails on them 3 times, either that or they are lying. My 360 on the other hand had Disc read errors after 3 months, and I had to send it in twice to get a replacement (MS fixed the motherboard the first time for no reason)

SL1M DADDY3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

I hardly call that a cause for concern...

phosphor1123803d ago

it's just a butthurt TV station that is getting paid by MS...maybe?

Palodios3803d ago

Actually, this may have more truth to it than fiction. I had my blu-ray player just stop working, personally. Everything else works, just no reading dvds or blu-rays, after about 11 months of play.

However, Sony's warranty on the ps3 is awesome. They sent me a pre-paid addressed box, I put the ps3 in, shipped it out, they shipped it back to me within two weeks, good as new, with the harddrive completely untouched. I paid nothing, they even provided the tape.

SL1M DADDY3803d ago

Sure there is truth to this. The issue is that an industry standard for failure rates is around 3 to 5 percent. Considering the numbers that this source states, only .0003 percent are experiencing failures. Guess what? Sony is not concerned with such minute numbers. That is not me but the industry standard.

Oner3803d ago

@ Raptorjacob ~
i've got 1 launch ps2 that says, "that would be a suprise."

Same here x2 though, that work perfectly to this day.

jadenkorri3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

sonys meets industry standards for providing quality product and only provide a 1 year warrenty, and people want an apology...MS provides an extended warrenty due to a lawsuit and to avoid a recall after releasing the worst piece of junk ever in the history of electronics,(you cannot deny the 360 has the worst failure rate in electronics) and is forgiven for this and no one wants an apology, instead prasie and defend the 360 like its perfect.......does anyone else see whats wrong with this or is it just me...

Zeevious3803d ago

As I said...and will say again...(because I am right)

300 or even 368 out of 250,000 is a fraction of ONE PERCENT.

This article isn't written like it, but these numbers are something to cheer about...and hope these 300-368 gamers get their machines fixed and back soon.

If you disagreed do the math yourself...I don't have time to edumuhkate you in all these komplikatid maths.

Even TRYING to smear the hardware failure rate of the PS3 turns out to be good news when you run the numbers, and shows this article for what it is...just another sensationalist piece of non-news in a tabloid package.

If you disagreed...You bought it. I didn't.

Stubacca3803d ago

I've still got my 60gb baby. Only it now has 320gb. My hard-drive corrupted twice and had to be rebuilt. But this was my fault as I get impatient and turn the machine off when it's saving data to the hard drive.

Christ, you'd think I'd pay attention to the 'Do not turn of the console when the HDD sign is flashing' notice by now!

On a side note, I think that after all the horrible stories of 360 RROD, that ALL console manufacturers should give a 3 year warranty. Surely this would help Sony and MS claim back more money in the long-run through game sales?

memots3803d ago

I'm gonna write an article about my xbox 360 and how it has break a year after launch and we will see if my article would get picked up by fanboy here.

I mean come on 150 comments? and made top of the page at 580 degree ? Really !?

Palodios3803d ago

@ Sl1M Well obviously in the general scheme of things, my personal problems are insignificant, but considering that I saw this article, said to myself "Hey, that's exactly what happened to me" is what I'm pointing at. 11 months, almost a year like the article said, my blu-ray player just stopped dead. I've had disc reader problems before, and usually its a gradual wear and tear, but with this, my game froze without warning and when I turned it back on, no blu-ray.

Mozilla893803d ago

Lets see....yup still working. If you read the article further down it says that they didn't really call anyone to do lab tests on the PS3
s they're just going off of word of mouth.

Benjamin093802d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA Just people saying theirs ether stopped working or it didnt gets people to agree or disagree?? HAHAHA

Just because someone's stopped working you disagree with them?! WTF do you spy on them and waited for them to say something like this? AH HA I caught you, you liar I've tracked your PS3 and it never broke!!


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Breakfast3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago ) i guess its settled then, ps3 has garbage hardware. And Sony doesnt want to admit it.

Microsoft would never do such a thing to its consumers....and this is why i love them.


Genesis53803d ago

That wasn't some of you best work.

Breakfast3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

...and besides, if Sony can get away with being half assed, why cant I?


MAR-TYR-DOM3803d ago

u always forget to add

Why so silly?

Blitzed3803d ago

You are the most important meal of the day, you HAVE to be on your game everyday.

Now I am going to go sh!t you out.

N4360G3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Breakfast sucks,I prefer lunch or dinner LOL.

GiantEnemyCrab3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

So if the 360 has RROD what do we call this? The Black Death?

It seems YLOD isn't applicable if the thing just dies. This is why RROD is better at least you get some pretty lights to look at and it still keeps the house warm. =)

NewScratch3803d ago

haha, a close source told me that ms is reselling rrodded 360s (the ones they cant refurbish and send on to the next warranty sucker) as space heaters for this colda$$ midwest winter. plug it in and go, it heats, toasts, and broils. oh my!

[i kid b/c im on a ps3 article]

reaferfore203803d ago

I call for another class action lawsuit for their selling of shoddy hardware.

SL1M DADDY3803d ago

I'm more a "Brunch" kinda guy.

Zeevious3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

But by even this slanted articles numbers, it's claimed to happen to so very very few PS3's I think we'll call it:

"The Black Speck"


Remember PS3 owners...even you...YES YOU, have the infinitesimal, teeny-tiny, titty-bitty, really-really, really small chance of being the victim of a "Black Speck" event.

It's looming like a single piece of dust...waiting to wreak final destruction upon you with barely a chance for your PS3 to survive *

Thank the Gods for the Dutch's lack of calculators giving us Radar's warnings about "The Black Speck"

Thank the Gods!


*(Chances of survival are 249,999.999272 in 250,000.000000)
+/- .000272

If "The Black Speck" has befallen you, try appeasing the Gods by sacrificing an Atari 2600 ET cartridge! While this won't help your PS3 in any way, it will rid history of one more cartridge on our quest to erase the worst videogame ever from gaming history.

cherrypie3802d ago

The difference between MS's early hardware problem, and Sony's PS2 (and now that there are enough PS3s in the field, and enough running for a while... perhaps the PS3 as well) is that Microsoft gave everyone a no-hassle, free warranty extension.

MS takes care of its problem, Sony left everyone with a dead PS2 out in the cold.

And, anyone who even PRETENDS that the PS2 didnt have a massive hardware problem is liar. PS2 repair shops became a thriving cottage industry for a while.

Lets not pretend it didnt happen.

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Gun_Senshi3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Oh yea he says his dutch right?

WTF? I said something against the mart and lost a bubble? Stupid him and his fanboy army

Chubear3803d ago

It's just him dude... and his 7 gazillion billion alternate accounts

Kyur4ThePain3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Plug the damn thing into the power outlet.

Don't sweat it. Some people have no sense of humor.

siccstepsccs3803d ago

My ps3 broke on me last week it wont read any disc. I got my ps3 at launch this succs i called sony but my warranty is over.

Kyur4ThePain3803d ago

My 60gigger gave up the ghost about 2 months ago. Just turned itself off mid-game. When I turned it on it would beep 3 times and turn off again. Apparently it has something to do with the connection for the HDD inside. Anyway, they're sending a new one over.
Interestingly I see they changed this design in the new 80gb model.

Ray1863803d ago

I had mine (60gb) crap out on me twice. Once from the BR-DVD laser going out, and just last month the Yellow light of death. The only saving grace was that I purchased it with my American Express card and they picked up the repair costs both times through their extended warranty program.

This has been going on for a while and has been posted on the official Playstation forums.

Kyur4ThePain3803d ago

Got mine from Target. Fortunately I decided to get their extended warranty, so I was covered.

evilmonkey5013803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

that sucks. you are one of the 1%. you need to replace your laser. here is how:

JasonXE3803d ago

in total it's probably 10-15%.

SaberEdge3803d ago

To be fair the 30% figure that people throw around as the alleged fail rate of the 360 is also bogus. It was pure conjecture and had no basis in solid numbers, yet people repeat it as if it were fact.

Chubear3803d ago

It was recently found out that the initial failure rate in the first 18 months on the market of actually over 60% and the 33% rate was after that but mistakingly thought of as the initial figure.

How ANYONE supports this kind of workmanship is totally beyond me... and then have the nerve to say negative stuff about the PS3? WOW.

The article is still somewhere here on N4G. Search.

Oner3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

No need to search read this as the article is based off of this information ~

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