Rockstar Leeds: Chinatown Wars "far bigger" than PSP GTA games

Rockstar Leeds president Gordon Hall recently stated that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is "far bigger" than the company's two GTA games for the PSP.

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SullyDrake3640d ago

Yeah but look at the visuals in comparison!

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N4360G3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

LOL true.I doubt ChinaTown Wars will sell good or be any good.Rockstar should make GTA:San Andreas for the PSP.That game would sure sell well and move plenty of PSP's.

Danja3640d ago

I would love if they had a San Andreas Stories for the PSP...

whoelse3640d ago

It would be the awesomeness if SA was in PSP but they would have to cut a lot of the map away.

nikola9873640d ago

If I want just to look at nice visuals I will download some HQ wallpaper for my desktop while I play much better game on my DS than on PSP. :)

Blaze9293639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Aw man thats what Rockstar needs to jump on asap after this project is done with. That would be SO good to have on the PSP. Maybe even play as CJ's brother, the one who died and we know absolutely nothing about. Basically a prequel to San Andreas. San Andreas was epic, id love to have it all on the PSP.

This time around though online mode would HAVE to be included. Ad Hoc sucks until that lil PS3 Ad Hoc anywhere thing kicks off. I hope SA Stories comes

Cheeseknight283639d ago

...Because visuals are easily the most important part of a game, right?

robert02673639d ago

sorry to everyone that doesn't agree but graphics are very important big screens are good to hint hint psp screen vs ds.

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GiantEnemyLobster3640d ago

You can play RIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACERRRRRR and have your PSP positioned on top of your TV as a rear-view mirror! now THATS getting the most out of your $150 handheld gaming system.

Danja3640d ago

funny you mention that cuz Ridge Racer is actually a pretty good PSP game...

now go enjoy ur flash games on the zune....I guess those are way better huh ?

IzKyD13313639d ago

I'm sure he'd have a different opinion if it were the Microsoft XboxPortable
oh wait, MS doesn't have a handheld do they?

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Rob0g0rilla3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

On top of that it wasn't made by the same Rockstar that created GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas, and GTAIV.

If the same people who made the GTA PSP games are making this then I honestly think it'll be crap.

The PSP GTA games were horrible. I own Liberty City Stories(for PS2 and PSP) and Vice City Stories(PSP) and they were the worse GTA games I have played.

@ Danja

Vice City Stories was a nice improvement over Liberty City Stories and it was a lot more optimized then then it too.

Danja3640d ago

I actually enjoyed Vice City Stories...

whoelse3639d ago

Rockstar Leeds made the PSP games and are making the DS game.

PS360WII3639d ago

Now that is awesome and shows they mean business with the DS game and that it's not a quick cash in :)

Also Mitchell that's a poor thing to say. Better looking game the PSP may be but the fuller game doesn't need to look great to be better ^^

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