Konami says it will announce a new game from a series ‘loved around the world’ at TGS

From VGC: "Konami will announce a new game related to a classic series during next month’s Tokyo Game Show, it’s said.

The publisher published its full Tokyo Game Show line-up on Wednesday, with most of the games listed being titles already known.

However, in its schedule of stage events, it lists a 45-minute show taking place on September 16 which is titled “Konami new release announced”."

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HollowIchigo2596d ago

Suikoden? Silent Hill? Metal Gear Solid?
since it's K*nami, I bet none of these.

ABizzel196d ago

Yugioh and charge $10 per card pack 🌝

Shadow Man96d ago

Yugioh PS5 VR would be pretty awesome.

darthv7296d ago

My vote is Rocket Knight Adventures... how many remember that one?

jznrpg96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

No way in hell it’s Suikoden but I would
Love Love LOVE to be wrong .
It has to be Silent Hill since there has been rumors of 2 games being made for a couple years now.

porkChop96d ago

I'd assume it's a new Castlevania. The Netflix series did really well, and Netflix are supposedly developing a spin-off. I imagine Konami wants to capitalize on the recent popularity.

Snookies1295d ago

Not sure I'd want a new Metal Gear Solid from them now. But we'll see, hopefully whatever it is turns out great. Konami has been severely lacking on the game front lately.

MajorLazer95d ago

Yeah without Kojima's wackiness MGS just wouldn't feel right. Shame, I loved and platinumed MGSV.

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darthv7296d ago

Oh god i wish that were true. Gradius V is long overdue for a proper follow-up.

CDbiggen96d ago

Wasn't there a silent hill leak a few months ago?

Deathdeliverer96d ago

There’s a silent hill leak every few days over the last 20 years.

CDbiggen95d ago

This had a lot of attention though. Just type silent hill leak into Google, it's all the top results. Female protag with weird notes on her face.

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The story is too old to be commented.