September’s PlayStation Plus Essential games have been revealed

From VGC: "September 2022’s free PlayStation Plus Essential games have been revealed by their usual leaker.

Dealabs user billbil-kun, who has been accurately leaking the PS Plus line-ups almost every month since September 2021, has revealed what they claim to be the new titles coming to the service in September.

The new batch of games reportedly includes Need for Speed Heat, Toem and Granblue Fantasy Versus."

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Orchard213d ago

Pretty weak month if true. My suspicion is that they’ll let this go the same way as GWG now that they have a premium content subscription.

Terry_B213d ago

The last two months count against your theory, but lets see.

Granblue Fantasy Versus is an excellent fighting game at least..didnt play the other two

SullysCigar213d ago

I'll take a throwaway racer and an awesome fighting game!

Don't know anything about Toem, but heard it's good, so I'll give it a shot for a bit.

MadLad213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

I mean, it's really just PS Now rebranded. The numbers were terrible, so they just threw it in with the PS Plus numbers you need to play online. That way they don't have one large service that you basically need just to play online, and one premium alternate service that nobody liked.

Xbox tried to do the the same thing, but not really at the same time.
I think the only reason they wanted to double gold was to just push people onto Gamepass, but the outcry was too hard and too quick, and they were actually gaining a positive image in the gaming space again, so why ruin it.

Just now when Sony does crappy moves they stick to it and expect you to follow blindly and happily.

Knushwood Butt213d ago

'I mean, it's really just PS Now rebranded. The numbers were terrible, so they just threw it in with the PS Plus numbers you need to play online. That way they don't have one large service that you basically need just to play online, and one premium alternate service that nobody liked.'.

Did you just figure this out?

Also, are you going to post this every month?

CrimsonWing69213d ago

I’m not understanding your complaint. Are you frustrated at the PS+ games you get or, on an entirely unrelated note, you’re upset that they merged PS Now with PS+ Premium and negate any of the other libraries (PS1 classics for example) that are included with the service?

I’m not sure why merging PS Now with PS+ is anything to complain about. There’s a lot of games on there I’ve been wanting to play and now I can under a single subscription. To get these PS+ games you don’t need to change what tier your PS+ subscription is.

BLow213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

People complained that the services were separate. Sony combines both services and people still complain. Never fails.

Honestly, I don't have time to play the games I've bought throughout the years, my backlog is pretty big. These services will just make that backlog even bigger lol.

I have a life outside of gaming and don't play every single game I want day one and beat it lol. People who are complaining about the titles in the library are extremely picky or have played everything. That's not the services fault lol. Gaming is a selfish habit and people only think about themselves in any given situation.

Happy gaming and no disagree from me.

garryxcs213d ago

"and expect you to follow blindly and happily."

lol, gotta love the irony of that comment.

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monkey602213d ago

I'm not interested in GranBlue or Need for Speed but they're great choices to add in fairness. Granblue is very well regarded and looks like a fantastic game. I'm just not likely to play either.

I'll check Toem out though. Had an eye on that for a while

garryxcs213d ago

Your suspicions are probably wrong and this is far batter than the GWG offering for the month regardless.

SierraGuy213d ago

I'm guessing you haven't seen xbox's offering this month?

Please stfu.

212d ago
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Mr_Luke213d ago

Good, i didn't buy any of them. I don't care about NFS but Toem is great and long time since i don't play a beat'em up, so Grandblue Fantasy is great for me. Now i'm curious to see what's coming with Extra :D

GhostScholar213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

The games with gold titles are always weak, but its funny that sony raises the price of the ps5 and then comes with the worst ps plus games in a while. It feels like they are dropping the ball like Microsoft did in the Xbox one era

Crows90213d ago

So....if anything they're dropping the ball with pricing like in the PS3 era....Xbox one had barely any games...PS5 is likely not going that route.

DeusFever213d ago

“worst ps plus games in a while”

How short are our memories? Wasn’t a year ago that PS Plus released a cut down version of Godfall and a standalone version of Borderlands DLC that was included in a previous PS+ offering.

GhostScholar212d ago

I would consider a year ago to be a

darthv72213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Not "always"... XB has given some bangers in their day. Gears 5, Sunset Overdrive, Forza 6. And those are just a few of the recent XBO era titles. On 360 they gave a bunch of really good games like Fable 3, Halo 3, Gears 2 and many more. My guess as to why people crap on it is because they have given some stinkers. And it is those they remember instead of the good ones.

It's easier to remember the bad than the good but if you want a full list....

Oh and as a tip, you really shouldn't speak in absolutes. If you dont know what that means... google it.

BrainSyphoned213d ago

Doesn't seem horrid but the chances of me booting up any of them this year is slim to none.

CrimsonWing69213d ago

I actually think this is a good month. I won’t touch Toem, but Gran Blue and Need for Speed are great!

Knushwood Butt213d ago

Actually, I'm the opposite! Only interested in Toem.

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