Sony Interactive Entertainment Acquires 14% of Elden Ring Developer FromSoftware

Sony's PlayStation division, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has now acquired roughly 14% of Elden Ring studio, FromSoftware Inc..

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darkrider202d ago

Good move, but should have got the studio.

jonny897202d ago

Kinda difficult when the big Tencent is also involved.

Army_of_Darkness201d ago

What even the point in acquiring 14% of a studio?? It's not even 1/4! Either buy the whole studio or not, no?

frostypants201d ago

@Army_of_Darkness, the point is you get a percentage of the profit.

excaliburps202d ago

Maybe they tried? I mean, Tencent co-owns it as well. Won't affect things much, I gather, no? But yeah, I'd be shocked if Sony doesn't try and acquire From. I mean, plot twist: what if Microsoft buys them? LOL!

lonewolf10202d ago

Or if MSoft get 15% to match Sony/Tencent, that would be interesting.

darkrider202d ago

Or tencent joint forces with sony!

Shane Kim202d ago

No Tencent in Sony please.

garos82202d ago

shuhei Yoshida could have done this years ago after they released demons souls but he failed to identify how much of a powerhouse they were to become

Christopher201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Always easy to say someone should have done something once you know the end result. Not so easy when you don't and, at that time, you're struggling to compete with the 360 and a poor hardware decision that ended up being costly to them as well as slow to gain back market reach.


@Shane Kim
Well why doesnt your old company do something about it?

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porkChop202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

They can't. Kadokawa still owns 69.66%. They're only selling small portions. If Kadokawa was interested in selling them off they would have done that.

sinspirit202d ago

I feel like they are just trying to deter some devs/publishers from being bought

thesoftware730201d ago

Wow, now you want them to buy studios...months ago that was taboo. lol.

TheCaptainKuchiki201d ago

Tencent is private company. You can't buy them out unless they agree to it.

strifeblade201d ago

How is that a good move. They will not gain exclusive from this move. They literally just bought some shares lol

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Orchard202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Tencent now owns 16%… 🤢

Hopefully they don’t ever get their hands on the rest or a majority.

EDIT: NetEase just bought Quantic Dream too…

darthv72202d ago

Looks like the disagrees WANT Tencent to get 'the rest or a majority'.

Or they are just disagreeing about the NetEase / QD partnership.

ZeekQuattro201d ago

Orchard gets disagrees no matter what. A good chunk of those are probably that. Lol

DOMination-202d ago

An interesting line that may get missed by headline readers:

"FromSoftware decided to conduct the Third-Party Allotment to Sixjoy within the Tencent Group, which has strength in its capabilities to develop and deploy mobile games"

Retroman202d ago

So. was this a tactical move so Microsoft would not buy Elder Rings??

ironmonkey202d ago

Prob not but who knows. software also made Sony's exclusive Bloodborne game that was a huge success and demon souls for PS3 so it maybe cause they have a very good coop partnership already?.

lonewolf10202d ago

They already had a minor amount of shares anyway and tactical move by who as Tencent also own shares?

brewin202d ago

I dont think the SoulsBorne style games move the needle on Xbox much. Those kind of games are typically associated with PlayStation. I even bought Elden Ring on PS5 rather than Xbox Series because it just seems better suited to the Dual Sense controller. Idk, its just one of those things. I think Elden Ring actually did pretty good numbers on Xbox, but those games just feel more at home on PS.

Christopher201d ago

Likely just putting money where they can make more money out of it. I doubt their ownership will change where and how FromSoftware develops games.

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Bathyj202d ago

Should have bought them after demon souls.

Godmars290202d ago

Would rather see more independent studios.

Not that the market allows for independent survivability.

Bathyj202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Me too.
But I would rather see talented Devs in Sony's hands then Microsoft's, Tencents, Amazon etc.

Every dev Sony gets they make better. The others not so much.

Plus Demon Souls made From Software and Sony had a lot to do with that. People forget that.

Neonridr202d ago

@Bathyj - so as long as the company you support does it, it's good.

lol, the hypocrisy in this post.

shinoff2183201d ago

Id rather see sony to catch a little after ms bought all the stuff they did. Im still hoping they buy square so maybe square can put some of these smaller jrpgs on playstation to. Not just switch.

Anomander201d ago

@neonridr. Right if is MS the evil empire that Sony fans claim to be then they should go full DR. Evil with their purchases and keep all the IPs on Xbox and PC. Give everyone a chance to switch to their service in a couple years then shut down those servers outside of their networks.

Godmars290201d ago


Would think influencing the market towards subscription services was evil enough.

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Christopher201d ago

So they could be Sony-fied rather than letting them be them?

Bathyj201d ago

What's this Sonyfied you speak off? Can you give an example because all the Devs I can think of pretty much pick their own projects and maintain their visions.

You think Guerilla would be allowed to drop their staple FPS franchise and do and open world action RPG under Microsoft? You think sucker punch would have done Ghost? Do you think Naughty dog would abandon successful franchises not once not twice but three times to do something completely different and have a new benchmark each time? Would Insomniac get handed properties like Spiderman and Wolverine?

Answer all that honestly and then think about what you said This Sonyfied thing is starting to sound like a good thing.

Christopher201d ago

***What's this Sonyfied you speak off? Can you give an example because all the Devs I can think of pretty much pick their own projects and maintain their visions.***

How many are doing AA games at the scale that FromSoftware does? With Sony, there's a distinct difference between their low-budget games and the expectation of AAA from their other parties.

I'm certain FromSoftware would have been pushed towards what we saw of Demon's Souls Remaster and not Elden Ring level of graphics. That level of focus can hold back other things that otherwise were put into FromSoftware games.

Bathyj201d ago

Sony didn't start this arms race and they aren't buying whole publishers with stables of developers and ip. How come you guess are always so oblivious to that?

And yes history counts. Want me to rattle off a list of developers Microsoft made worse and Sony made better?
I don't have all day, I gotta get to work.

babadivad201d ago

They actually did start it. On top of paying for exclusivity deals on third party multiplatform games. Locking gaming modes to their system and paying publishers to keep games off of Gamepass.