The 21 Best Xbox 360 Games of 2009

Sports Legends delivers the biggest Xbox 360 games that you'll want to keep an eye on in the New Year.


Check out the new screenshots and trailers added! Over 150 screenshots (as well as a few exclusive teaser trailers) have been added for this story.

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Gun_Senshi3682d ago

some of the games i didn't heard of them or are crap..

like wrestling games...

N4360G3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Yeah,next year is not looking good for Microsoft and the Xbox 360.I hope Microsoft announce great new exclusives for the Xbox 360 next year to give SONY some competition.

Gun_Senshi3682d ago

most fanboys have 7 bubbles +

I say something against x360, in a non offensive tone i loose bubble

I say something against ps3, in a non offensive tone i loose bubble

Now. Example I, ME, MYSELF, did not hear of Aliens Colonial Marines or Red Faction: Guerilla.

Personally. ME, IN MY OPINION. Wheelman will be a turd and WWE: Legends of Wrestlemania? No need to talk about it

Bombomb3682d ago

haha im sure at once you too had 7+....damn fanboys

lowcarb3682d ago

Right now 360 is looking perfectly fine going into next year. MS just needs to make some announcements at GDC and E3 to get the hype flowing. Multiplat or not who cares as long as there are tons of games to play.

Stubacca3682d ago

Bubble and agree given.

Merry Christmas.

No Way3682d ago

I find it to be a rather good list, regardless of multiplats..

Parappa The Rappa3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Well, you have to remember, the fanboys have multiple account(10+ prolly) and spend most of there day logging onto this site, and bubbling them selves up. With the exception of PP, its mostly the guys with fewer bubbles that have brains. I know, its backwards-logic, but N4G is the only place where it makes sense. Dont worry about bubbles. Say what you want. F*ck everyone else. :)

power of Green 3681d ago

@#1 You people say that every year and PS3 always laggggs behind lol.

LOL @#1.2

Jazz41083681d ago

@ Drake

Looking at your post, you post something negative in just about every 360 post. If you were not a ps3 fanboy you would at least have something nice to say about the competition every once in a while; but with you never. Im not trying to personaly attack you because this goes for xbox fanboys too. I have an idea, lets be gamers and enjoy what competition brings, which means better systems and games for everyone to enjoy. Merry Christmas........

phosphor1123681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

checking the "status" on these "09" games. Most are on the 360 and PS3. I'll list them for you (I won't list PC just for my times sake):

-Aliens Colonial Marines: 360
-Alpha Protocol: 360 / PS3
-BackBreaker: N/A (I will use N/A for the site not showing any console specific logos, or announcing what console [according to site]).
-Borderlands: N/A
-Brutal Legend: 360 / PS3
-Bionic Commando: 360 / PS3
-Dark Void: 360
-Final Fantasy XIII: 360 / PS3
-The Godfather II: 360 / PS3
-Halo 3: ODST: 360
-I Am Alive: N/A
-Ninja Blade: 360
-Red Faction: Guerilla: 360 / PS3
-Splatterhouse: 360 / PS3
-Star Ocean: The Last Hope: 360
-Street Fighter IV: 360 / PS3
-Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion: 360 / PS3
-Wolfenstein: 360 / PS3
-UFC 2009 Undisputed: 360 / PS3
-WWE: Legends of Wrestlemania: 360 / PS3
-Wheelman: 360 / PS3

4 out of 21 are COMFIRMED 360, exclusives.
N/A's are more than likely not to even come out next year, counting for the fact, their trailers are purely CGI. You can even look for yourself. This article is fail.

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N4PS3G3682d ago

Nice list..can't wait for the 09 unannounced games....especially Mass Effect 2 and Peter Molyneux GDC games

Danja3682d ago

Mass Effect 2 would just be awesome really enjoyed the 1st one...

N4PS3G3682d ago

Yeah...awesome game..too bad it runs like $hit..

I wish they were doing another KOTOR instead of that stupid MMO

N4360G3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

A next-gen KOTOR game would be awesome.Mass Effect was a great game,but there was too many framerate issues.I hope Mass Effect 2 doesn't suffer from framerate issues.

NicCageMYHero3682d ago

Am I the only person who really didn't have a problem with the way it ran? The framerate wasn't great in some parts but overall it ran well. One of my favorite games of this generation (MGS4 is the other)

Alvadr3682d ago


Nope, I had a problem with it. It ran like crap, I hoped it would be better after harddrive installs.. But it still runs like crap. Its still beyond me that reviewers didnt penalise this game more because of it.

No Way3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

I loved Mass Effect 1, and because of that the framerate(?) and pop-ins did not bother me.. The good out weighs the bad, immensely.

So, I think that's one reason the reviewers didn't really penalize it for those issues, they don't really ruin a game.. unless they are too bad, which in Mass Effect those issues weren't horrible.

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3682d ago
eagle213682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

For $200 plus tax you can get no exclusives, horrible graphics (see Fable 2 and Too Human), the poor man's version of FFXIII, no HDD, no online, no Wifi, no HD movies, no web browser and a coffin for your troubles. :)

NaiNaiNai3682d ago

for 400+$ you can play with these idiots. oh wait, why would anyone want to do that. i mean 600$ for wifi you will never use. a web browser that works better on your PC you have now. games that are on or are going to the 200$ so called POS. and a free warranty. or you could go with that 400+ actual POS with no tech support, lousy online play, a poor mans network. and really no 3rd party support. not to mention poor first party support where most games are broken on release and take 3+ weeks to get a patch.

eagle213682d ago

Only on 360 does a game *cough, gears 2, cough* have horrendous problems that get overlooked in reviews and make end buyers mad as hell.

LittleBigPlanet outscored every exclusive in those lime green DVD cases. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a technical, gaming masterpiece (visit Gamespot or IGN). It outsold every 2008 360 exclusive, over 4.5 million highly impressed gamers. Happy gaming. :)

You sound like an RROD is coming in your life real soon.

heroicjanitor3682d ago

you are an idiot. Just how is the 360's 3rd party support better? I always use wifi because I am too far for an ethernet cable.The 360 NEEDS a huge warranty. And if you're going to act like the ps3 has bad online play, we may as well go home. The 360 has marginally better online play(Their real victory is everyone has a mic), but you have to pay for it. It's stupid because it is the only online you have to pay for with pc games they have much better online yet it's free.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3682d ago

Make that "Superior MultiplatBox 180"

NaiNaiNai3682d ago

i love rilling you guys up in the open zone its so easy.

ReTarDedFisHy3682d ago

Make that "NoLongerSuperior MultiplatBox 180"

Are you admitting that the 360 is only good for multiplatform games? And please, this "ZOMFG 360 multiplat games are better" is so 2007.
Burnout: Paradise? Call of Duty 4? Dead Space? Please stfu and gtfo.

Stubacca3682d ago

I guess people of a young age or of limited means can be happy with a cheaper, inferior system. I want quality. I ONLY use wi-fi. I never hardwire anymore. The folk on PSN are far more mature (yes, even the sad gimps on Home trying to pick up chicks -who are probably dudes too!)

Online, the PS3 wins in my book. But I guess we have our own priorities. I'd rather pay more for a badass games system than dodgy online services. But that's just me.

-Written by Stubacca on his awesome PS3 using a wi-fi connection.

mxdan3682d ago

Final Fantasy 13 probably won't be out on the 360 in 2009. The new trailer for it said for 'playstation 3 only 2009'.

Second at least half those games look generic and look like they'll suck, multiplat or not.

The only game in there that I want on the ps3 is Star Ocean 4. Square has become a whore though so there isn't much more I can do. (Not that she wasn't before she came to the playstation :P).

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MGOelite3682d ago

lol how is gears of war 2 going??? the last AAA 360 game in existance, its been what 6 weeks since its release and theres STILL MORE GLITCHES AND BUG THEN ALL OTHER GAMES PROVEN HERE:

OWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

joebahrjoebahr3682d ago

thats OLD buddy, besides its a blog.

good try though cutiepie.

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