PS3Fanboy: MLB The Show returns in March 2009

Another year, another year of sports games. MLB The Show returns to PS3 next year with a slew of new features. MLB 09 The Show will look even better than last year, thanks to added detail. Stadium crowds will be more interactive and varied than ever, and you'll see transitional lighting on the field as the day turns to dusk. An expanded Road to the Show and Franchise mode can also be enjoyed.

(screens after the jump)

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DragonWarrior465343678d ago

Another ps3 Exclusive that will dominate next year. Man, I lose count how many ps3 exclusives that are coming. It just gets better and better every year. I wonder if there will be trophies in this game as well?

thereapersson3677d ago

I predict more 9's and 9.5's for this iteration of the series.

OGharryjoysticks3677d ago

Sony's baseball game is the greatest, but Sony's basketball game is crap.