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Last year's release of Persona 3 was under the radar for me. I had no idea of that game whatsoever. That was until I stumbled upon a preview article of the game in a magazine. Just reading that preview immediately got me interested. Much to my surprise the game just got released not too long ago. I bought it and inserted it into my PS2 and became hooked, I also became a Shin Megami Tensei fan overnight. I knew what SMT was, but never really looked into it. Thanks to Persona 3, my eyes are now open to how great the SMT franchise really is, and I get the honor of reviewing the next hit title in the SMT series.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Been playing this nonstop on my PS3. It's better than Persona 3. Here's hoping for a FES-type expansion sooner or later. (Not that I'm anywhere near finishing the main story, just saying)

sinned473589d ago

i believe altus claimed that they wont be making a fes version. i knew many who were outraged that they had to purchase p3fes to get the whole story and practically throwing out the original p3


Why isn't this for the ps3?

Its crazy that a game so good hasn't made the step up to next gen.

Danja3589d ago

I think Atlus made a very smart choice n making this for the PS2 .

They dont know if all the Persona fans have bought a PS3 yet so why alienate the huge PS2 install base..?

Putting it on the PS2 means ppl who dont own a PS3 can still play it and ppl who own a PS3 can still play it also , plus most ppl who own a PS3 still own there PS2...XD

just my take on it..

lord_of_balrogs3589d ago

I just don't get why Sony is still supporting the PS2, if they want to sell more PS3s they have to get the PS2 users to move up. And that means forcing all those PS2 users to buy a PS3 by putting games like Persona 4 on the PS3.

I don't doubt this is a good game but 9.7 is pushing it. Hell Fable 2, Mass Effect, White Knight Chronicles, and about every RPG this gen has recieved lower scores than a PS2 game.

Danja3589d ago

This game deserves the score dude best RPG out all year and it a blast fun factor to the max..

why should Sony kill the PS2 when it's still selling well and is making them alot of money to off-set PS3 loses doesn't make sense to me..put it this way the PS2 is funding the future PS3 price cut..

vilmer3589d ago

balrogs, I've played every one of those RPG's you've listed, and Persona 4 bests them by FAR. It's my personal game of the year.

- Ghost of Sparta -3589d ago

Why stop supporting the PS2 when they're still making profit from it? As much as I want them to focus all of their support on the PS3, that won't be happening anytime soon.

wanderofys3580d ago

This game is better than 2 of the 3 you listed, and the other one isn't out yet (in my country). It deserved every bit of it's 9.7.

I doubt Sony had any say in what system Atlus wanted to make Persona 4 on. And as much as I'd LOVE to believe otherwise, Persona (and SMT in general) is not going to sell too many systems. Niche gaming never does, it's why articles on this site about Fallout 3 or Gears 2 or MGS4 have upwards of 200 or 300 comments and this one has...10.

People rant and rave about how "true gamers" are playing next gen systems. Ridiculous, everyone and his little brother is playing the 360 and PS3. True gamers love SMT, REGARDLESS of what system it's on.

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Bill Gates3589d ago

360 sucks ass....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA