Evil West’s combat is like Batman: Arkham Asylum with guns and gore

Flying Wild Hog is set to rescue a very quiet 2022 with Evil West, a vampire-hunting brawler with combat so slick it reminds us of Batman: Arkham Asylum

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Aloymetal664d ago

Looks amazing so far, excited for this I just hope the gameplay does not get too repetitive and old fast.

sourOG664d ago

This shit sounds and looks awesome. It’s a shame their sales are going to get shit on by god of war. Delay it again!

Vengeance1138664d ago

People can buy more than 1 game at a time and this for sure won't be a full priced $79.99 title.

sourOG664d ago

You can. I can. People don’t.

PapaBop664d ago

But when a masterpiece comes along and demands attention, great games end up being overshadowed and overlooked.

sourOG664d ago


Yup like horizon. What’s coming out in late DeC-Jan? It’s the perfect spot for a new IP that looks solid. November has too many hitters. Early Dec has calisto and Feb 23 is stacked.

Vengeance1138664d ago

Late January has Dead Space Remake.

sourOG664d ago

That’s right. Squeeze that bitch in between Callisto and dead space. They won’t, but they should.

Star51664d ago

Every time I hear something about this game, I'm more excited

MeatyUrologist664d ago

Loved their games up until shadow warrior 3. Really feel like they took a wrong turn there. I hope this is more SW2 than 3. It definitely looks stunning and moves incredibly smooth as well. If they can put in a decent story with impactful combat that stays fresh this could br a huge sleeper!

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The Best Cowboy Games on the PS4

Yeeehaw! Howdy, partner! Saddle up and mosey on down to check out the best western-themed video games you can rustle up on the PS4 today.

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SimpleSlave14d ago

While not on the PS4, if you want a pretty imaginative and downright fun Cowboy game you should check out Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Not only is it a great arcade FPS in its own right but one that has some Narrative Elements that interact with the Gameplay in a pretty surprising and novel way. Something a few of the AAAAAAAA games should be looking at in order to marry the Narrative with the Gameplay better.

The best part is that you can get it for a few dollars on GOG or STEAM during their sales.


Quarter Disorder Podcast: Episode 3-PlayStation State of Play 2024

Tim and Luis talk what they’ve been watching and playing along with the news from the past week, including all the games from Sony’s “State of Play,” Evil West, Silent Hill: The Short Message, Hideo Kojima weirdness, Spec Ops: The Line delisted and more!

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PlayStation Plus January Games: A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West, Nobody Saves the World

PS Blog: "Today, we’re happy to reveal the inaugural PlayStation Plus Monthly Games lineup of 2024. January’s titles of A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West and Nobody Saves the World will be available to PlayStation Plus members on Tuesday, January 2 until Monday, February 5."

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darthv72180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Nice... I just bought Evil West a couple months ago but never opened it. Now I won't have to. And i hear good things about Plague Tale.

crazyCoconuts180d ago

Plagues Tail Req is good. One of my favorite Dual Sense trigger effects on the slingshot.

--Onilink--180d ago

Nobody Saves the World is amazing too, SkillUp did a great review of it

Samonuske180d ago

On the same boat with evil west still have it unopened.

FinalFantasyFanatic179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I already bought Evil West on PC just recently, I've owned Nobody Saves the World for a long time, I really loved the first Plague Tale game, I was waiting for it to hit $30 on Steam before I bought it.

Considering the games, this is one of the best months we've had in a while.

thorstein179d ago

I have every one of these on my wishlist. This is great!

I loved the first Plague Tale.

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Eonjay180d ago

Really good month for the Essential catalog.