Xbox: TV key to taking cloud gaming mainstream

Xbox believes its TV app with Samsung – and no doubt future partnership – will be crucial in making streaming video games via the cloud a mainstream pastime.

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Orchard271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Makes sense. In terms of the general population, most people have smart TVs, barely any have consoles.

They just need to expand it beyond Samsung and onto LG as well as popular entry level TV brands.

Fortunately now when they talk about TV it isn’t 2013 Xbox One “TV, TV, TV”.

Mr Pumblechook271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

TV, TV, TV. It's at the heart of Xbox's vision for the future. Yes Microsoft has said it is developing another Xbox console, but the longterm plan is for the TV app to replace the Xbox console.

Xbox said: "Xbox believes its TV app with Samsung – and no doubt future partnership – will be crucial in making streaming video games via the cloud a mainstream pastime."

Cloud-only Xbox is better for the environment and it means the expensive outlay is no longer a barrier to entry for casual gamers. Everybody who has enjoyed and benefited from Xbox Game Pass is part of the success story that has helped Microsoft accelerate its move to cloud-only Xbox.

brewin271d ago

Yes, the TV is essential to the game experience. So why not include the app with a TV and eliminate the need for the console altogether? Thats a pretty savvy move from a business standpoint. I personally want the box because I prefer having my games local and not streaming from the cloud. I will always want the box. But there are millions of potential customers out there who dont care about buying and hooking up a console to their TV. Not to mention shortages and rising costs for said box. An app on the TV is much more convenient and will open up gaming to many more people. I wouldnt be surprised to see some of these TVs have Xbox branding and be sold with a controller and Gamepass sub included.

One thing that doesnt get brought up much is multi-console owners and how this affects them. I typically have a box in each room in the house by the end of a console generation. This basically eliminates the need to own multiple consoles. I can just pick up my game on any TV in the house without the need for a console in each room. Thats pretty sweet honestly. As long as the cloud holds up, this has massive potential!

darthv72271d ago

I see the tv app as just another option and part of the evolution of gaming. Just as netflix is part of the evolution of movies and spotify is evolution of music.

In each one, they evolved from a different form of delivery / consumption. They didnt replace... just coexist, as you can still consume the old fashioned way if you want.

These conveniences are aimed at a specific demographic and should not be seen as threatening.

Orchard271d ago

The difference now is when they say TV, they mean indie through AAA gaming on your TV - not "lets turn your games console into a cable TV guide".

MajorLazer271d ago

Hopefully Sony TV's too. I spent a good amount on mine and I'd like to not be excluded just because of the brand.

Orchard271d ago

I'd say Sony TVs are very likely to support this once they expand beyond Samsung - aren't Sony TV's typically Android OS? They'll definitely have an Android app.

MajorLazer271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Yup, Android OS. You reckon it'll be possible to use the DS5 with xCloud?

Orchard270d ago

I don't know about w/ TV as I don't have a Samsung TV to try this out - but I have used both the DS4 and DualSense on PC xCloud.

If I had to guess, any gamepad that can connect to your TV via bluetooth would work.

moriarty1889271d ago

As long as this tv app idea doesnt replace an Xbox console.

Jin_Sakai271d ago

It’s all about choices. Cloud is nice for some but I’ll be sticking with consoles.

brewin271d ago

I dont think it will ever replace, there are too many who still want to own the box. I will never give up my consoles. If Xbox doesnt make them then I will happily own the box of whatever company does.

MajorLazer271d ago

Cloud latency will just never match a console.

1Victor271d ago

I assume you’re going to need to buy a remote control for the tv app another one is connection not everyone have a corporate wired internet connection in their home or the router next to their tv. In this day and age we all have everything from robot vacuum to doorbells/ locks connected to the internet 🤷🏿.
Best of luck to Microsoft on the 8 billion gamers( their words in the article 8 billion gamers) chase but I hope they’ll remember that they can’t have it all without attracting the other consoles players and highly educating the casuals.

brewin271d ago

Surprisingly, the cloud works really great on a standard wi fi connection. Ive got a 150 connection, nothing too fancy, and weve got dozens of devices hooked up at any given time. I have tried the Gamepass streaming on my phone using a controller and really put it to the test by having everything connected and on: multiple netflix streams, while downloading a game on the console, while everyone is on their phones. I was still able to run every cloud game almost perfectly on my phone during all of this. I was shocked it was holding up with no significant glitches!

I have been hesitant to accept cloud gaming as the future, but they are somehow pulling it off. I will always prefer to have my games local with a wired connection for any online gameplay, but whatever voodoo they use to get this working is pretty insane. I have played several full online matches over the cloud and never felt like I was at a disadvantage. Thats something I would have scoffed at even last year. But it is happeneing now.

MajorLazer271d ago

The issue is 4K content. I've used the xCloud on my phone (3 months for £1) and it was good, but it was 720P content which is insignificant compared to the demands of 4K.

darthv72271d ago

I too use xcloud on my phone (now i use it on steam deck) and the 720p is perfect for the small screen. when i use it through an xbox it is 1080. It was a trip to play flight sim on an old VCR xbox one.

darthv72271d ago

I cant speak for everyone but my dvr/cable box sits under my TV and it has an ethernet port on it that connects directly to my Home PNA. I just ran a cable from it to my smart tv and boom... tv is on a wired internet connection.

DeusFever271d ago

Also need faster internet and no data caps. In Murica, can’t assume either.

brewin271d ago

Data caps are horrible. I am glad I have Spectrum and they dont have them. I couldnt even imagine. My household would burn up a 1TB data cap in a day!

darthv72271d ago

Im able to stream media and games on my meager 45mbps att service. I have been wanting faster but fiber is not yet available in my area.

brewin271d ago

Wow, I guess it is really more about the quality of the connection than the speed. A solid 45-50 is better than a spotty 200 all day! Im happy with my Spectrum at a solid 150. It says I only get 100mbps but with my wi fi 6 gaming router I get 150 so I cant complain. Its very solid and almost never has any hiccups.

KILLnFOOLz271d ago

I will never buy another Samsung TV again after owning several high end LGs. It’s no contest in terms of quality and functionality. Period!

MajorLazer271d ago

LG OLED displays are at the top of the game right now and the Sony Bravia's aren't too shabby either. Samsung QLED's are quite average.

MadLad270d ago

I grabbed an LG OLED about two years ago, and I could never go back at this point.
They are top tier screens at the moment.

zarbor271d ago

Hmmm, guess you haven't seen the new Samsung OLED tvs yet....hint, they are better than LG.

MadLad270d ago

You might be in the minority who think that, my guy.
15 years ago, I would tell you LG is overpriced and not competing on actual value in the market. They are definitely the big name in that market now, and their quality, luckily, dictates it.

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