Starfield Is Twice The Size Of Bethesda's Biggest Game

From Twisted Voxel: "Starfield is at least twice the size of the biggest game Bethesda Game Studios has ever made, claims the game’s composer.

Speaking during an interview, Starfield composer Inon Zur revealed that it is Bethesda Game Studios’ biggest project yet in terms of size. It’s not hard to imagine, given that the game spans across over 100 star systems and over 1000 different planets to explore."

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darthv72214d ago

Twice the size with twice the bugs...? Maybe this will be the one that gets it right from the start. I will remain cautiously optimistic.

alb1899214d ago

Why are you trying so hard.... don't you have a girlfriend or something?

ClayRules2012214d ago

Lol. What kind of silly reply is this?

@darthv12 said “I will remain cautiously optimistic” which isn’t a bad thing, knowing Bethesda, their past work on games, and the state in which their games have continued to release in.

214d ago
Lifexline214d ago

Lmao that’s an awesome reply. Some people are just obsessed with bashing games from other systems yet pretend to be neutral.

Dude it’s annoying some people are excited for certain games and people like him just constantly have to try to downplay a game if you are not interested in a game don’t come in the article. You’re right they need to find a relationship.

ChiefofLoliPolice214d ago

Quit projecting, the man does have a point have you never played a Bethesda RPG. They are VERY well known for being full of bugs.

DarkZane214d ago

He is actually right. Bethesda have the buggiest games in the industry by far. Them and Bioware. Them being bought out by Microsoft won't change a thing, they simply aren't capable of not making broken games.

S2Killinit214d ago

clearly you dont know who darthv72 is. He has been bashing Playstation games for ages. I was suprised to see this comment from him ti be honest.

MrVux000214d ago

What does his social life have to do with his comments ? This is kindergarten level of arguments...

XiNatsuDragnel214d ago

Lol what an argument dude I don't know what to say but silly in my opinion.

darthv72213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

@S2... slight correction. I dont "bash" Playstation. I respectfully criticize when they make bad decisions. I do the same with Xbox and Nintendo, so I think of myself as an equal opportunity optimist. I try to see the good in all things but sometimes you just have to speak your mind when you dont agree with something (or someone).

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neutralgamer1992214d ago

I bought XSX because of this game and I really hope with more time and resources at their disposal. This is MS's first attempt at truly releasing a blockbuster exclusive day one on GP

This game has a lot riding on it especially coming after GOW which most likely will win GOTY

Going by current game development culture we have every right to be excited for a game and at the same time do wonder if it will launch in a stable condition

Saints row just recently showed that sometimes being in doubt is valid

Before this we saw with halo infinite

Simply throwing money at a issue won't resolve it


GoW will be a strong contender but my money is on Elden Rings

RickRoland214d ago

Even though I prefer god of war to souls games….Elden Ring I think takes GOTY 2022

neutralgamer1992214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

while i think you guys have valid point let's not forget that this GOW is the final one before they move on to another region. I think the potential to truely tell an amazing story is there and RDR2 was favored too yet GOW won

I really think this GOW will be in the range of 95-98/100 overall once all reviews are in

214d ago
whitbyfox214d ago

Which game of the year award? There are many of those.

The only thing that comes close to accurately indicating what is the best game of the year, is the one that gets the highest Metacritic score and i can’t see God of War: Ragnarok reaching Elden Ring’s 96.

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Abracadabra214d ago

With the quality of Bethesda's past single-player games, this is one of my most expected games. Very hyped.

The amount of hate this game gets simply because it's not on their favorite plastic box, is amazing. A lot of people will be eating crow...

execution17214d ago

🤷‍♂️ unno they peaked at skyrim and haven't released anything as good as it besides more skyrim

garryxcs214d ago

Anyone with a PC has the plastic box to play it on so that's not the issue, people are right in saying Bethesda has a history of buggy messy games and you should be worried about that instead of attempting to throw shade.

Orchard214d ago

Well, my PC is metal not plastic. But it's great that people can still get Starfield on PC - This game is going to be huge, one of the biggest if not the biggest game of 2023 so the more who get to experience it the better.

Plus, Bethesda deserve to be rewarded for their hard work on this game and a sale is a sale, a sub is a sub - platform is irrelevant.

CaptainHenry916214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

I don't even think this game will be better than No Man Sky. But we'll see. Still doing a wait and see approach with this game. The last gameplay they showed was underwhelming in my opinion. Hopefully they optimize the PC version without bugs 🐛

neutralgamer1992214d ago

Look man I am sure there is a percentage of gamers who are fanboys of something but vast majority are gamers and want to enjoy their favorite games

Speaking for myself I much much rather be 100% wrong and get an amazing game then be right and get a bad game (saints row as an recent example)

As a Bethesda fan I just want this game to live up to the expectations. Not asking it to be the best game ever, have the best story or characters of all time

Just be fun
Don't be buggy
Launch when ready

Learn from the mistakes that were made during FO76

Miss the days when we use to get awesome games that didn't require huge day one patches and then months of patching and hot fixes just to make the game playable

Tired of early access games and want complete releases

MrVux000214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

For me Bethesda still has the title as the "The King Of RPGs" with TES Morrowind. But I sure am not blind to the fact that their later games have lost their magic narratively, and dumbed down gameplay of later Fallout games and TES games...and this is looking past technical issues, bugs and scummy bussiness practices. As for their games not being on PlayStation, is not really an issue for me since these games are also on PC. As for Starfield previews so far, I am not really impressed...if anything I am having Cyberpunk flashbacks.

RedDevils214d ago

Why would you want to play Starfield on Xbox if you has a PC where there will be mod?

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How did I know that the FIRST comment in a Xbox article would be a hater comment smh…

Knushwood Butt214d ago

Darth is an xbox hater?

Of all the people on here that claim to be platform agnostic, I'd say darth is one of the few that is.

214d ago
RedDevils214d ago

Not even in their dream lol

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RickRoland214d ago

Twice the size makes me nervous that one of our complaints will be the emptiness of the worlds. This is a very big undertaking to get right without serious gameplay errors or bugs

dumahim214d ago

That's one of the things UbiSoft did right with the first Watch Dogs. I watch an interview with one of the devs talking about, I think, content density. They really focused on making sure everywhere on the map got utilized for something. They didn't want to build a big city and just have big sections that never get used.

Abracadabra214d ago

You only have access to a small portion of each planet. This isn't No Man's Sky.

To make a complete open-world game interesting with 1000 completely explorable planets is absurd. Basically you would need a Skyrim or Fallout 3-4 level of game in each of those 1000 planets.

Adrian_v01214d ago

If it's anything like mass effect 2 but way more dense in stuff to do I'd be happy

PhillyDillyDee214d ago

They already said each planet is fully explorable. So they must have some seed system to make sure there are interesting things to do and see on them.

kneon214d ago

It's a Bethesda game, so just about the only thing you can be sure about is that it will have plenty of bugs

After10Ben213d ago

This has been said ad nauseam. Don't you have anything better to contribute to this discussion other than regurgitated pessimism?

z2g214d ago

don't care about the size compared to other games. I just want whats there to be good. Space RPGs don't come around as often as others so i want it to count.

alb1899214d ago

Some here are trying to downplay this game so much that I am getting interested...hmm!

ChubbyBlade214d ago

Bethesda have downplayed themselves. They can’t release a game that isn’t a broken buggy mess that modders need to fix.

alb1899214d ago

Maybe but you don't have to take it like a mission just waiting every article to say the same.

garryxcs214d ago

People are stating a fact as it relates to Bethesda's history, that's not "downplaying" that's being realistic and using common sense, more people should try it.

HardKnockKid24214d ago

What is some of the history you’re referring to? Please feel free to be as specific as possible….

garryxcs214d ago (Edited 214d ago )


When even fans of Bethesda and those looking forward to the game are preparing for bugs it's pretty easy to understand there's a history there. You need any more than that feel free to read comments or search the internet.

Orchard214d ago

Oh no, someone made a wiki page and they’re planning on making a community patch / mod, the game is doomed /s

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Bethesda games like ES are routinely better than most if not all games released in the same year. Starfield will be no different.

garryxcs214d ago

@ Orchard

Where did I say the game is "doomed"? There's no need for your sarcasm. Meanwhile back in the real world there's a history of bugs and issues with Bethesda games Starfield will be no different, so much so that people are preparing for them like it or not.

Orchard214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Most games launch buggy, and even if this does, that’s a shame but it’s still going to be one of the best, if not the best game of 2023.

You know it and I know it.

Also people were so excited for this game back when it was a PS exclusive - I wonder what changed? Bethesdas reputation for bugs certainly isn’t new.

garryxcs214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

@ Orchard

No "most" games do not launch buggy that's bs and no I don't know it and neither do you. People said the same thing about Halo Infinite and that didn't turn out to be all it was supposed to be either. You need to relax and temper expectations. You're misinformed, it was reported (effectively rumored) that Sony was in talks to sign the game as an exclusive but it was never an actual Sony exclusive so you're making stuff up so you can make you're "I wonder what changed" comment. Literally nothing changed that's what, Bethesda games have always been buggy that's just a fact, it has nothing to do with what you're trying to make it out to be. Here's a better question for you, if this game wasn't an xbox exclusive would people be throwing around hyperbole like saying "it will be the best game of 2023", the answer is an obvious no.

Orchard214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

If you think Starfield isn’t going to be one of the biggest, potentially the biggest deal in 2023, you’re sleeping 🤷

As for your question about Xbox, I along with lots of other folk like Bethesda RPGs, they’ve been making the best RPGs since long before Xbox bought them.

People love Bethesda RPG’s and they love space RPGs. Starfield is going to be huge.

garryxcs214d ago

@ Orchard

I'm wide awake and doing the smart thing by waiting to see how it actually turns out instead of making outlandish claims and predictions.

HardKnockKid24214d ago

@garryxcs you know, it’s interesting this whole big narrative with Bethesda. I do think their games, do to scope, tend to have some bugs here and there but the truth is, so do MOST games, when I played forbidden west earlier this year on PS5 I had constant texture load in problems throughout, still loved the game. When I played, still playing haha, Elden Ring I experienced the most bugs I have EVER experienced in a video game PERIOD, but no one is crucifying From Software. Their games are often buggy, I’ve been playing their stuff since Otogi. The truth is, Bethesda is getting extra scrutiny and criticism now that they are first party. It truly sucks because they make amazing games and some are letting blind fanboyism get the way of having a great experience. Series S can be found for CHEEEEEEAP for gods sake. Just my 2 cents.

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darthv72213d ago

If you read my comment (and i know you did) you would understand I didnt downplay the game at all. I took a cheeky dig at the dev because they have a history of buggy games. I did say i will be cautiously optimistic, maybe you dont know what that means but it certainly wasnt a slight against the game.

Tedakin214d ago

This will be the most review bombed game in history.

Lightning77214d ago

User review bombed I can definitely see it.

We're calling it here and now.

VersusDMC214d ago

Unless they start doing some woke PR, reveal a bad microtransactions plan or it is as buggy as Fallout 76 i highly doubt it.

Redemption-64214d ago

Highly Highly doubt that, but I am willing to take a bet if you are confident. It will need over 150K

darthv72214d ago

I dont follow review aggregate sites much, but is there a current title holder?

Redemption-64214d ago


I don't know, but The Last of Us Part 2, has over 150,000 user reviews, over a quarter of them from salty people who never played the game, as I recall seeing almost 20K of negative reviews within the 1st few hours of the game releasing, meaning they never played the game.

darthv72214d ago

...damn. People are just petty af. It shouldnt be that serious, it just a game.

jjb1981214d ago

Johnstradamus prediction.

Orchard214d ago

Definitely, especially since it flipped exclusivity. I expect it to have a high professional metacritic score, and be absolutely bombed on the user score.

Redemption-64214d ago

Game was never exclusive, don't know why you keep lying.

MrChow666214d ago

I can see that happening

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