The five happiest gaming surprises of 2008

Arstechnica writes: "Last week we looked back at 2008 to see what games and releases disappointed us the most during the year. It was an agonizing list, and it made us remember all the high hopes we had for all the games that let us down.

Leaving on a down note isn't our style though, so today we'll share some of the games and ideas that surprised us in a positive way this year. Let's leave the majority of the blockbusters aside, and dig into the happy surprises of the year."

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umair_s513678d ago

Valkyria Chronicles was clearly a surprise, Burnout DLC was cool too.


When my 360 lasted an hour before it RROD'd

I was over the moon that it lasted so long!

meatnormous3678d ago

I have the garden hose on standby, I think the biggest is how much left for dead resembles counterstrike source

Danja3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles
Boom Blox

all suprised me....

No More Heroes is another game that should have been mentioned..

lord_of_balrogs3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I'm not a big fan of cell-shaded art style. The big suprise is that Fable 2 actually delivered.

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