The New PS5 Model Has Arrived In Australia First Again And Here's The First Details

The New PS5 Model Has Arrived In Australia First Again And Here's The First Details.

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darkrider695d ago

Now it runs faster. Like what red bull did on verstappen car!

kenpachi695d ago

Hopefully none of the people involved with ferrari strategies were involved with this

VenomUK695d ago

If it’s noticeably quieter than the launch model is consider getting one.

Knushwood Butt695d ago


I hear this a bit. I got mine in April 2021 and it is super quiet. If I mute everything I literally can't hear it, and I sit less than 2M away from it. It's not enclosed either.

My PS4 Pro made a ton of noise.

Kubark695d ago

I summitted this and just wanted to say why this story might be a bigger deal than you might imagine.

Not only is there a significant drop in weight from previous models but perhaps more importantly, these models are speculated to come with AMD's new 6nm chip. Why is that a big deal?

In a word: availability. A new chip means increased production. That means increased availability. No performance increase from what I've read but more PS5s out there can only be a good thing given the limited availability.

Source: https://press-start.com.au/...

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Jin_Sakai695d ago

It’s 300 grams lighter than last years model. You call that a significant drop in weight?

gold_drake694d ago

thats almost half a kilo. what u on about lol

Bathyj694d ago

Not to you, but if you were paying to ship 10 million of them and your shipment was 3000 tons lighter you might care

It's not all about you you know?

Neonridr694d ago

@curtain_swoosh - it's closer to a quarter of a kilo than half. Almost, lol

OptimusDK694d ago

A new chip does not, at all mean increased production - it all depends on the agreements thay have it has nothing to do with the size of the chip. But one can hope of course.

Mobis-New-Nest694d ago

I wish there was a way to stop scalpers from buying up so many, E-Bay has a galaxy stock of PS5 that are going for $1000.00 USD a pop.

Fist4achin694d ago

I'll just continue to wait then. As far as the stock in the scalpers hands, that's a sold unit. They'll get there and I have time and a backlog.

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moriarty1889694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

Sounds very interesting indeed.

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gold_drake21h ago

and it keeps happening for xbox

MutantOne9h ago

Did you read the article?

The studio got hit by crowd strike. Nothing to do with Xbox.

gold_drake8h ago

i never said anything about a reason.

the delay itself keeps happening for xbox. atleast try and read what i said.

MutantOne7h ago

You were insinuating it was Xbox’s fault - probably series S - now that you read the article you’re trying to cover for it