Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Review Rush

Join Noah and Mio, members of the two opposing nations of Keves and Agnus, on a heartfelt journey through a warring world with a dark secret. Traverse massive, fantastical landscapes and master seamless real-time RPG combat as you expose the true enemy pulling the strings.

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jznrpg205d ago

I’m in the middle of moving and remodeling my old house a bit so I’m taking my time with this game abut I’m enjoying the time I do get . Heroes are a nice addition to the class system

repsahj205d ago

One of the best RPG this year and all time.

GoodGuy09205d ago

Games good but imo xenoblade is kinda... overrated. I guess I just don't like the whole mmo gameplay. I still don't understand why the series is so heavily praised lol. Story, characters, and gameplay has always just been kinda average-above average for me. (I've played all of them besides torna)