Armed Fantasia Releases Teaser Trailer Ahead of Kickstarter Launch

WILD BUNCH Productions (former WILD ARMS devs) and YUKIKAZE (former Shadow Hearts devs) have joined forced to launch a Double Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming titles.

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CrimsonWing69100d ago

If it truly will look this good I’ll check it out. Problem with Kickstarter games are they rarely meet the promise of these concept trailers.

Godmars290100d ago

Or they get bought up by a publishers, screwing the Kickstarters in one form or another.

CrimsonWing69100d ago

Yea that’s a good point. Most all the Kickstarters I’ve backed had games published and snot only that but Collector’s Editions, which were cheaper than the tiers to back the game for like including an art book.

repsahj99d ago

wow, impressive! I want it now! Just hoping for $30-$40 price range.