Square Enix Is Selling Their Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal Games For As Low As $2

Square Enix has started to offer a major discount on their published games under Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics.

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Ninver101d ago

Lol stop picking on Cobra

MrBeatdown101d ago

They have some PC games too. I got a Steam key for Deus Ex GOTY, Invisible War, and Human Revolution for $3.30.

curtain_swoosh101d ago

i mean, yeh. they probably have loads to sell

roadkillers101d ago

Regards to Gaurdians, what’s stopping a company from getting Gamepass money for the game then discounting the price to like $10 for additional cash? I would do it

Bathyj101d ago

There's probably conditions in the contract if a game goes in gamepass it can't go on sale for a period of time.

MadLad101d ago

Guardians, Deus Ex, and Tomb Raider are all bangers. If you've slept on them, grab them.

DOMination-101d ago

Don't listen to this guy. Never sleep on any game, always use a mattress

MadLad101d ago

How dare you fanboy for mattresses.
Games are definitely the best things to sleep on.

Rocosaurus101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Very talented studios. Guardians of the galaxy was fantastic.

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