Dead Island 2 will let you taunt zombies with your voice, thanks to Amazon’s Alexa

Feature only included in Xbox and PC versions.

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agnosticgamer158d ago

PS5 is not compatible with Alexa... So I guess it isn't too weird, which explains why this is an Xbox/PC exclusive. Xbox Series Consoles and PCs are compatible with Alexa.

sourOG158d ago

I’m not looking at it through that frame. I own all that and play what I want.

The whole thing is weird to me. I don’t use or own alexa though. Maybe a firestick has it but I never used it if so. I’ve used Siri for quick directions but that’s about it. I guess it’s not weird at all for the people that live in smart houses and do that shit daily. I also thought it was weird you don’t have to trigger it anymore.


I can't be arsed talking to the wife let alone a robot

zsquaresoff158d ago

The xbox fans can take this one. Don't get the idea taunting a brain dead zombie.

Jin_Sakai158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Taunting the zombies are just one thing. You can also ask navigation questions and other things.

RickRoland158d ago

Or just look at your map.

157d ago
brewin157d ago

Im not sure if they'll use it like Capcom did with Kinect in Dead Rising 3, but in that you could use it to lure zombies to a certain area or just together for higher combos, etc. Was actually pretty useful in some instances. I had fun just taunting the shit out of zombies and setting them up for slaughter. The motion controls where kinda cool too, they completely replaced the quick time event button presses that are far too common in games. Mashing buttons and wiggling sticks is something that should have died off already.

CobraKai158d ago

Me: “Alexa tell that zombie he’s a bitch”
Alexa: “a few things share the name light, which one did you want?”

Jin_Sakai158d ago

I’ll never forget the time I got mad at Siri and called her a b*tch then she said “calling mom”. Used Alexa ever since lol

CobraKai158d ago

AHAHAHAHAHA!! That sounds like something she’d do

0hMyGandhi158d ago

Me: “Alexa tell that zombie he’s a bitch”
Alexa: “Okay. Playing whale sounds for sleeping”

porkChop158d ago

So you don't need an Echo, just any mic or headset. You also don't have to use a wake word. You just say what you want to do.

"In Dead Island 2 specifically, which is set to launch on February 3rd, 2023, you’ll be able to use your voice to access 'in-game features like navigation (by saying ‘where is the nearest workbench’)' and 'manipulate zombie hordes (by saying ‘hey zombie’),' according to an Amazon blog post."

Being able to set waypoints by voice is useful. Saves time from going through the menu. Not sure about the zombie manipulation because they haven't explained what that even means.

I don't know, it could be a useful feature depending on how devs implement it. I could see it being used in an RPG where you read a dialogue choice out loud, or say the name of a spell to use or switch to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.