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VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Poignant, meaningful, and engaging are just a few of the choice words I'd give to What Remains of Edith Finch. By emphasizing a synergy between player interaction and storytelling in so many varied ways, each piece of the Finch family tree complements its central meaning – in big or understated ways. Considering that along with its powerfully-presented tale of loss makes Giant Sparrow's second title one of this genre's all-time classics."

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P_Bomb156d ago

The swing, the bathtub, the factory. They hit ya from multiple memorable angles.

Knushwood Butt156d ago

Great game, but the last thing I want to be playing right now.

Playing Bugsnax, but that has a dark side too.

coolbeans156d ago

I still need to get around to Bugsnax and that bit of info is tempting me to put it higher on my backlog list.

Knushwood Butt156d ago

Yeah, it's decent. Not that easy either as there's quite a bit of trial and error and it doesn't hold your hand much either.

It has some laughs as the script and voice acting can be pretty good, but it definitely has a darker side / undertones to it.

coolbeans156d ago


I place The Cannery up there as an all-timer in level design.

Knushwood Butt156d ago

Love the music in the cannery too, but damn that's a heavy level / stage.