Microsoft is giving away a custom Top Gun Xbox

From Xfire: "The Top Gun: Maverick-themed Xbox Series S console comes complete with matching controllers and an aviator."

Orchard284d ago

Looks good. Series S actually looks better in black than white IMO.

Rynxie284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Does it remove all mentions of Taiwan, and the American flag? I'm sure microsoft won't dare go against their Chinese overlords.

BlackTar187283d ago


Sounds like jealousy from someone who isn’t as awesome as Americans.

CobraKai283d ago

@Black. Right! We’re not perfect, but we got it good

Germaximus284d ago

it's funny to me how many S's they give away in comparison to the x

anast284d ago

I bet they will add the give away to their sales numbers.

MadLad283d ago

In the same way Sony is promoting the sales of Forbidden West by packaging it in with their direct sales of the PS5?

Cancelthis283d ago

There isn't a game on xbox that touches forbidden west.

anast283d ago

I am in camp Sony. I choose not to think about that stuff.

MadLad283d ago


You sure about that? The game everyone loves to trash - Halo Infinite - sits at the same metacritic score, yet wasn't thrown to the side by 3rd party Elden Ring when it launched.
Now we're celebrating these magic new sales of Forbidden West as it becomes a packaged title.

OptimusDK283d ago

I bet you are not all that bright

anast283d ago

Projecting is only fun for me.

darthv72283d ago

I just want that controller.

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