Killer Klowns, Texas Chainsaw, Evil Dead: Licensed Horror Is Having a Moment

Half-Glass Gaming: "With Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Evil Dead, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, it looks like licensed horror games are having a moment, so let's enjoy the ride!"

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Majin-vegeta164d ago

Shoot whats next Child's play?Actually that sounds badass

Tedakin163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Evil Dead is great. I'd love a Halloween game done this way. Maybe it's a 3 way fight. One player is Michael Myers. 5 players are helpless victims trying to survive, 3 players are hunters trying to stop Michael Myers. Hunters could be Laurie Strode, Dr. Loomis and Sheriff Brackett. Boom, I just laid out the game for you, Gun Media. Lets go.

TheSanchezDavid163d ago

Alright, this game needs to happen!

shinoff2183163d ago

All thise games would serve better being single player. I see multiplayer attached and i stopped even watching. Shame

sourOG163d ago

It would. I bought evil dead and played it once lol. If there is any franchise that would get me to play this style of game it’s killer klowns.

CrimsonWing69163d ago

That’s my thing. I’m not into these asymmetrical MP games. Sure, they’re fun the first few days, but after that I’m over them. I’d rather a single player narrative driven experience that really pays homage to the source material like Ghostbusters The Video Game. That thing was essentially Ghostbusters 3 in my eyes and was such a love letter to the fans with Easter eggs and explored lore.

TheSanchezDavid163d ago

While I would love a solid, competent single player component, the fan in me is stroked to play these games, period. Plus, I do generally enjoy multiplayer horror titles like Dead by Daylight and Evil Dead, so I'm waiting on this with eager anticipation!

mastershredder163d ago

A mainstream moment full of mediocre cash-grabs is nothing to celebrate.

TheSanchezDavid163d ago

Evil Dead: The Game was good. And Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Killer Klowns still aren't out yet, sooooo can't really say they're mediocre with any validity quite yet.

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