Nvidia 'always believed' the average GPU price should be the same as a games console

Though CEO Huang states that without the cryptocurrency boom the GeForce price "mix would go down."

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1nsomniac92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

What a scumbag! So the price of the hardware has no relevance to cost. Just a notion that if customers are willing to pay this much for a system that plays games then we should charge that amount for a component that allows a complete system to play games.

Fishy Fingers92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

No relevance on cost? In one console generation Nvidia (and AMD) are producing 3. They're funding the R&D, the manufacturing advancements, the hardware advancements and the software techniques each console generation leverages and takes advantage of.

I personally think you are interpreting it backward, rather, he's suggesting targeting console prices should be their aim, to remain competitive and compete on value proposition.

1nsomniac92d ago

Read the article or his statement.

Fishy Fingers92d ago

I have, why I question your interpretation of it.

XbladeTeddy92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Of course they're funding advancements with R&D etc, that's what their business does. They then sell those advancements for massive profit to companies like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Not really sure what point you're making here.

Class_Viceroy91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Bro every company in the world has to deal with costs relating to researching and manufacturing a product that goes to market.

They are guaranteeing their cards are going to an end user the moment they are complete by working with console makers. If partnering with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft is such a burden and not profitable, they wouldn’t even do it.

You turning them into a victim because they have deals with the console makers and they have to research and develop for them (which they do anyway with PC hardware) is kind of laughable.

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DarthZoolu92d ago

Sony literally just did the same thing

xtremexx91d ago

Yup, that's literally capitalism lmao

Duke1992d ago

Dumbass Crypto-miners ~ "Hold my juicebox"

Pedantic9192d ago

The video game console comes complete out of the box.
The GPU requires the rest of the PC in order to be used.

MWH91d ago

I thought the same. This guy is either playing dumb or he thinks dumb of pc builders. Whichever the case, he was, is, and always will be an a hole.

DeusFever91d ago

I think the idea is that you need a PC anyway, so the cost of the video card is the cost to make your PC a gaming PC. You can buy a MacBook and a $400 PS5 digital or you can buy a PC box and a $400 graphics card. That’s how PC graphics makers think are staying competitive with console.

Mulletino91d ago

Correct. Why would I replace one part of a pc when I can get all new and updated hardware for the same price in a console.

MajorLazer91d ago

Also, way better games (PS anyway).

Ryzza590d ago

Depends how old the current consoles are? A PS4 may have competed with PCs when the PS4 was new, but then you had to put up with slow loading times and low framerates for years whereas PC gamers have a lot more opportunities to upgrade to the latest when it's convenient to them. I bought a PS4 but rarely used it because the loading times were insane compared to my PC full of SSDs. I tend to upgrade to upgrade a GPU every 2-3 years and PC every 5-6 years.

XbladeTeddy92d ago

Do what you want. AMD can always counter-balance and with Intel pushing into the GPU market prices are always going to be competitive.

Bladesfist92d ago

Nah, AMD and Nvidia have both failed in the low end because why sell low margin cards when there is a chip shortage and you can't meet the demand for high end cards. Same thing the car industry is doing, as soon as supply is limited they make less budget options as they don't want to cut into their own profits.

Ryushaa92d ago

Exactly. People CAN'T think AMD launching the terrible RX 6400 and RX 6500 were a sloppy, but merciful act towards the low end budget market. It was literally stuck inventory of RDNA2 from notebook that OEMs didn't want, so they stuck in a PCI board and sell it was a discrete card.
About Nvidia and the low-end, it is so neglected that you don't even have what to talk about.

ABizzel192d ago

Intel has a lot of work to do. They keep delaying their full GPU launch, and at this point, they're launching with performance around an RTX 3070 with unproven driver support. Meanwhile NVIDIA are releasing their RTX 4000 likely before Intel, and AMD is coming right after with RX 7000.

On top of that the used market is starting to balance out again, putting more hurt on Intel (used RTX 2060s are $200 and sometimes less, and everything else is slowly falling in line.). And AMD is having price drops across the board and their GPUs (6600 / 6600XT especially) are strong buys at their current price and will be hugely competitive with whatever Intel has.

On the flip side AMD AMD is happy with getting the extra profits right alongside NVIDIA, and will happily launch their GPU prices right up there with NVIDIA and then adjust according later.

Everything is going up due to global greed, and this mentality of corporation > the individual / people.

MadLad92d ago

It's not that ridiculous of a comment if you're a PC gamer.
Unless you're building a brand new PC from the ground up, thus spending about a grand to outperform whatever console is at the time, you don't need to replace most other parts too often; and the GPU is pretty much the most important element.

An i5 processor still holds up to this day, if talking about gaming.

Number1TailzFan92d ago

Except you don't need a grand to outperform a console. 3060Ti is better/same as the consoles and less than 400, 3080 is certainly better and launched at 650 (if you could get one in the huge rush) and 4080 will likely be far ahead roughly in the 80% or so range more powerful than the consoles.

MadLad92d ago

You still end up needing about a grand for a whole new PC build, which was my point.

I have a 3080 build, and it runs circles around the consoles out now.
But if I were building something from scratch around it, it would be about a grand or so.

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