Elden Ring publisher ‘working to secure IP and partnerships’ amid M&A spree

From "In an interview with today at Gamescom, Bandai Namco Europe's COO Arnaud Muller addressed the impact of the current acquisition spree in games on smaller publishers.

While acknowledging that Bandai Namco is in an privileged position, Muller said that the company has to implement measures to safeguard its partnerships and IPs, while smaller publishing outfits might suffer more directly from this consolidation trend.

"What I find is that we have to secure the IPs that we create with the studios we partner with," he said. "When we invest in IP creation, when we invest in marketing for these IPs, we also have to keep in mind that we have to get some sort of security towards the future of the studio that develops this IP, if the IP doesn't belong to us."

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VersusDMC101d ago

This read's like a "come at me, bro" for anyone trying to buy From software.

They don't mention them specifically but we know.

GoodGuy09101d ago

Bandais actually doing pretty well. Bandai has never really crossed my mind in being a company that'd be bought out lol. I wonder if they'll buy out fromsoft, they're a huge reason bandai is making loads atm probably. Many of their other releases have been...ok-good I guess?

shinoff2183101d ago

bandai puts out great games.

phoenixwing100d ago

I buy a lot of games made by Bandai not just souls ones

franwex100d ago

For a time I suspected that Nintendo could try to acquire them.

GameBoyColor100d ago

They are like 2k sports of anime games though, somebody needs to break up their monopoly a little more. Kt tries but they just make everything a musou game :/

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