Interview- Gamecock Struts Into The Ring

Gathering of Developers set out to change the way games were published. The indie publisher worked with small developers to release games without micromanagement. With G.O.D., studios could work on their games without worrying about rushed release dates and creative interference. During its brief life, G.O.D. published a variety of classics, including Max Payne, Tropico and Railroad Tycoon II. Eventually, however, Take 2 purchased G.O.D. and founders Mike Wilson and Harry Miller left the company.

Though their company was gone, Wilson, Miller and G.O.D. CFO Rick Stults couldn't shake the gaming bug. Their new enterprise, Gamecock, follows the same guiding principals of its predecessor-though its fully stocked war chest should help the startup avoid some of the financial issues that led to G.O.D.'s demise. Gamecock is coming out of the corner swinging, too.

"The major publishers have been focusing on safe bets–large budget games often attached to major licenses or sequels," said Mike Wilson, CEO of Gamecock. "This insufficient emphasis on the creation of original game properties has created major dissatisfaction among the industry's most talented game designers and has made the current system unpalatable. In other words, things are getting stale. We aim to change that."

Gamecock's first group of five titles covers a lot of genres and platforms, including PC, handhelds and next-gen consoles.

Game Informer spoke to Gamecock's Rick Stults about his role in the company, what the founders learned from G.O.D. and what they plan to do next. For more information about the company and exclusive interviews with Miller and Wilson, check out the upcoming March issue of Game Informer.

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