Destiny 2 cheat maker appeal denied by judge

From Xfire: It looks like AimJunkies and Bungie will be going to court in 2023."

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LordoftheCritics103d ago

Multiplayer cheat creators deserve a lifetime ban from all video games + whatever the damages.

XxINFERNUSxX103d ago

If are going to sell your cheat do so on the dark web and only take cryptocurrency. Do not do this on the regular internet. 😁 Doing it that way you will not be bothered, trust me. If there are drugs and guns up there to buy and not taken down do you think anyone would bother with a gaming cheat LMAO

LordoftheCritics103d ago

If it hurts the game for sure it will be tracked down.

You destroy my business and my customer experience, obviously im gonna hunt you down.

XxINFERNUSxX103d ago

That I get but it would be very hard to do so on the dark web. If the FBI and the Government have a very hard time shutting down sites that still operate to this day selling guns/drugs etc I don't think a game company will have any luck.

Hikoran103d ago

This guy loves a cheat.

rippermcrip103d ago

What does the sales data they are trying to get from PayPal have to do with anything in regards to copyright infringement?

curtain_swoosh103d ago

probably damages?

or "look its super profitable" ha.

but its still cheating essentially.

Christopher103d ago

If they made money off of someone else's copyright, then that money should go to the one who owns the IP.