Dead Island 2 Different Editions Revealed, HELL-A Collector's Edition Content Shown Off

Deep Silver revealed the Dead Island 2 different editions that are up for pre-order and what each of them contain.

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lonewolf10166d ago

Love that HELL-A edition actually comes with a disc copy of the game.

ocelot07166d ago

From what I can see it's a disc version off the PS4 version and digital copy for PS5?

Same goes for Xbox.

lonewolf10166d ago

Didn't notice that, that sucks for those platforms.

CorndogBurglar166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Despite its bugs I had a great time with the original Dead Island. Hopefully this one can capture that same feeling.

neutralgamer1992166d ago

will there be a bug free not a lot of loading edition?

or how about a complete edition that doesn't require months of patches post launch

PhillyDillyDee165d ago

Your point is valid, though I would say a lot of dev/pubs do this now. Perhaps it stood out back then because the problem wasnt as rampant.

neutralgamer1992165d ago

The thing you are right it has become a normal acceptable thing. The promise of launch now fix later doesn't always work when a publisher simply gives up and move to a new game

brewin165d ago

I want to like it! I hope it's fun. I like Dying Light but I missed the more grounded gameplay and feeling of dread from Dead Island. Hoping it turns out well, I Love the setting and it looks like there's some fun to be had.

Kosic165d ago

I'd be skeptical with this game. It had a shaky path for being develop, and history shows us most games that gone that route have been buggy and subpar.

PhillyDillyDee165d ago

Yes. But we should be skeptical with all games IMO. Companies market every game as though it is feature complete even when they know otherwise. Ive been burned a few times buying a game at launch but ive finally learned to just wait for reviews.

Kosic163d ago

I am skeptical with all new releases. Only game I've bought that was within its first week or two of release in the past few years was Elden ring. I didn't regret that, but the other was last of us part 2 and didn't like it much

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