Sony sales boss quits ahead of PS3 launch

Sony's UK head of sales Kevin Jowett has quit – just five weeks from the launch of PlayStation 3 in Europe.

SCE UK commercial director Jowett has been something of a stalwart within the PlayStation division of Sony. He took over as sales director from Doug Goodwin back in 1998 and has played an integral role within the organisation since then, in particular working closely with retailers over stock allocations on PS2, PSP and, more recently, PS3. He has also taken a keen interest in general retail issues such as pricing and the second-hand games market.

According to MCV Jowett has resigned to pursue new opportunities outside of the games industry and has left the company immediately, due to confidentiality issues.

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Joe5714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

So, why would he jump ship before the release of the PS3? It's not like the guy is retiring. The article states he is persuing other areas within the gaming industry.


UPDATE: Thanks "Xtrm L1481L1TY". You're right, he is persuing things outside of gaming industry. I still feel that having to leave so close to launch in Europe still leaves some thoughts of WHY?

Xtrm L1481L1TY5714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

The article read, "to pursue new opportunities OUTSIDE of the games industry"

"Oustide", not "within".

But yeah, the guy probably saw no future for PS3.

eclipsegryph5714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

Are the rats finally beginning to jump the sinking Sony gaming ship?

Boink5714d ago

it may have nothing to do with the launch, but certainly looks bad.

Syko5714d ago

But im leaning towards...More bad news? hard to know what the hell actually happened though.

Funky Town_TX5714d ago

I hope this is not bad news for Sony. What do you have to gain?

Syko5714d ago

In fairness what people stand to gain is better consoles next time around and not some overhyped movie player that is overpriced for the current market. For real this isn't a slam, I'm just saying if the PS3 was to sell 200 million the next gen of consoles could very well be between 800 and 1000$. A little humble pie is good for Sony cause they seemed to think they could do no wrong after the PS2.

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The story is too old to be commented.