Gaming on Vista not up to scratch?

PC Gaming Rally has written an article about how the Vista Operating System is handling gaming.

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BIadestarX5706d ago

This is to be expected on every next version of windows. This is to be expected until things get sorted out. It is the nature of PC... to many hardware manufaturers, etc. I'm sure that within a year most of this problems will be a thing of the past. I remember when the very same people complaining about vista were the same ones complaining about windows XP. Now most of them are saying that windows xp works great. Any gamer should know they must wait at least 6 months before upgrading to a new OS, not only because of the OS having bugs, but for not having to spend $500-$600 video card that was designed exclusively for the new OS.
Besides if you don't think vista/windows is worth simply buy a MAC or Linux I'm sure the games will run a lot better than they would in windows... (being sarcastic).

Marriot VP5705d ago

I was just about to say everything you just said, so thanks