Dead Island 2 Gameplay, Story Details and Features Crawl Out, Alexa Game Control Confirmed

Deep Silver has revealed our first real look at Dead Island 2 gameplay! Alongside that, official story details, features list revealed too.

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masterfox165d ago

looks fun, good old mindless zombie killing.

neutralgamer1992165d ago

Exactly FUN something missing from many games now a day in the name of realism

Number1TailzFan164d ago

There's plenty of "realism" in Dead Island, the camera sways all over the place, it's one of the most awful viewing experiences for combat.

Profchaos165d ago

I'm more interested then I thought I would be so good job gameplay trailer

Aussieguy165d ago

Is it the same developers who made the first Dead Island? I know Deep silver is the same company, but that's all.

Pedrof164d ago

Techland made the first Dead Island ; Dead Island 2 is made by Dambuster. Dambuster is a studio funded by people who made TimeSplitters :-)

Aussieguy162d ago

Ohh ok, so different devs, thanks