Dead Island 2 Hands-On Preview - IGN

Dead Island 2 has returned from the grave, and it comes with gory combat, disgusting zombies, and wild DIY weapons in abundance.

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neutralgamer1992162d ago

Hopefully it's fun like the originals. That's the 3rd development team now and they started from scratch so hopefully they got enough time and resources to make a great game

Honestly and I know I am in the minority but dying light series just doesn't have the charm that DI has. Don't get me wrong DL games are nothing short of amazing but I always felt the charm was missing

lonewolf10162d ago

Even though DL is/was good (not got 2, yet), I preferred DI and really looking forward to this.

Omnisonne162d ago

Cool.. Dambuster did a pretty good job with Homefront imo. Hope this will turn out well.

REDGUM162d ago

I really enjoyed the 1st game actually and super pumped for this one too, It's been a long tome coming but hopefully worth the wait. Too many zombie games? Never, well, not for me anyway lol

MadLad162d ago

I actually have a lot more faith in the project now that I'm aware of who is behind it.
I thought the 2nd Homefront had so much promise, was actually solid once patched, but failed being a product of development hell.
Chorus was a fantastic game.

This might end up surviving the misshapes of development since being announced.

brewin162d ago

I dont know, i think it looks good but Dambuster does not have a great track record. If its just more Dead Island but in LA, im down though. I enjoyed the hell out of DI 1, the expansion and both Dying Light games. I like that they didnt just try to copy the verticality of Dying Light. Its too easy to get away in that game, I like the dreadfulness of having to escape on the ground and not being able to just parkour everywhere so easily. I'll probably check it out by redeeming Microsoft rewards points to get ot free.

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